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How Real Estate Mobile App Development Elevate Your Business Growth

The selling and buying of properties is an ongoing business where real estate owners earn a lot of money if they invest in proper resources. Property dealing starts with a trusted partner where both parties deal on the same page. Moreover, real estate moves forward with digital resources such as full-fledged mobile app development in this techie world. Almost every industry leverages mobile application solutions, and in the USA, there is a huge number of app users and developers around the globe.

As a top leader of a mobile app development company in US, we have hands-on experience in creating different types of Android and iOS applications for almost every industry. Similarly, we have observed that people interested in buying or selling a home frequently look for property over mobile devices. Moreover, real estate owners explicitly use social media platforms to run ad campaigns and target their audience.

Real Estate owners are more likely interested in investing in easy-to-access solutions such as building a website, mobile apps, ERPs, etc. At MMC Global, we have built 40+ Real Estate mobile apps in the USA for our clients. They turned their businesses into the most convenient solution, gathering clients and upscaling their sales within a few days.

The reason behind their business growth was to build the most convenient app for their clients. For the real estate business, we have a few major features you must have for real-estate mobile applications to make better digital experiences for your clients. Let’s have a look for your better understanding.

Features of Real Estate Mobile App Development

The aim of real estate mobile app development is to provide instant accessibility that helps faster property dealing between realtors, owners, homebuyers, or sellers. To make this happen, we must build an app containing all the necessary features to facilitate the users and provide a splendid digital experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Making an uncomplicated user interface helps you turn more potential users into your bucket. A minimalist-designed UI helps users navigate their required things easily and appeals to users with fast interaction, higher performance, and straightforward searches. Moreover, easy to use interface helps allocate different options such as real-time notifications, finding property images, feedback,

Advance Search Bar

Mobile apps look more powerful when they shorten the time in finding required items with less effort. Instead of digging down the whole app, you can take help with the advanced search bar. It is one of the most prominent features when it comes to providing personalization to your end users. Furthermore, they can filter out specific searches concerning location, number of bedrooms, price ranges, nearby distance, school or park availability, and much more.

Must Have Features of Real Estate App

Integrate Calendar

It seems like a minor integration, but it can save a lot of time when you are engaged with other work, and the app can easily schedule meetings and appointments and ensure your availability. A seller or buyer can easily know your busy dates or availability at first sight. Moreover, the app can send notifications to remind your appointment and meeting to both parties.

Media Files

To attract more buyers, a mobile application must contain multiple property photos that help buyers get the first look at various options. With this feature, an app can provide detailed information about properties, including images, videos, virtual tours, and detailed descriptions. This helps buyers discover their required property details and instant connectivity to the agents or realtors.

Social Media Integration

The connectivity to social media platforms helps users to share property details with family or friends. Even app owners can run ads on social media and redirect to the app so that they can easily jump to the app and start seeing what more you offer.

Chatbot and Live Chat

In-app messaging is one of the most dominant features to elevate connectivity. Integrating chatbots in mobile apps can optimize support by fasting response rate against any query generated. Moreover, with chatbots, users can ask multiple questions and get auto-response within seconds. The live chat option will connect you with the customer support agent, where you can talk with a real human and ask what the bot can not respond for.

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Favorite & Save For Later

To make your real estate mobile app development more immersive, you can add this feature to help users take time to make decisions. Users can see the property details, marked as a favorite, and save it for later. Users can access the preferred or favorite marked property after some time and instantly find it anytime.

Mortgage Calculators

Property buying and selling require many calculations, including tax, property worth, interest rate, commission, etc. Adding an integrated mortgage calculator with default tax % across the state will help users with instant calculation. Further, you can also do various types of counts within the app.


Having a map helps you determine the property’s location and other details of its surroundings. It enables users to identify the value of the site in terms of residential and commercial areas. Moreover, developers can display the areas to make buyers aware of the surroundings and nearby places such as shopping malls, schools, crime rates, property values, etc.

What Factors Affect Design a Real Estate Mobile App Cost?

The mobile app development cost varies as it is associated with different factors. It can include customization, third-party API integrations, consumed hours, and a number of resources. The impact of these factors defines below:

Feature Set

To start the mobile app development, decide on the required feature set that can help your app stand alone. By market-hunting these types of apps, professional mobile app developers can gather ideas and develop new solutions for your app. There is a nominal cost for general features, whereas enhancing advanced features and technologies may increase the cost.

UI UX Design

Design is the pre-step before development to decide how your app may look after development. UI UX design of the mobile app is a roadmap to engineering the whole app that must need experts’ attention to detail. This cost increases if you need complex designing components such as animations, custom illustrations, etc. However, minimalist design is considered the most attractive app user interface and less costly.

Tech Stack & Targeted Platform

Another factor that impacts the cost of real estate mobile app development is your technology and mobile platform. You have multiple options for technologies, such as if you want a cross-app platform that can run on Android and iOS platforms; developers can suggest you use Flutter or React Native app development. If you go for Native app development, it might cost high because you need to invest time and money in individual platform development.

Resources and Hourly Rates

Outsourcing your project is one of the good options as you do not need to hire a huge pool of dedicated resources. A professional mobile app development company in USA charges hourly/monthly rates that both parties decide. At MMC Global, we convey the project scope with estimated budgets and dedicated resources.

Wrapping Up

Real estate mobile app development can transform manual operation into a handy automated solution. The concept of introducing mobile apps is the fastest-evolving tool that keeps realtors, buyers, and sellers under one umbrella. The ideal mobile app must contain exceptional design, easy-to-access, high-performing, and professional assistance. Let’s start mobile app development with us and get the best team for your projects.

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