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Is Mobile Gaming The Morning Star In Gaming Industry?

Is Mobile Gaming The Morning Star In Gaming Industry?

Console gaming and PC gaming have become extremely expensive over the past few years, and people have started to look for alternatives. Mobile gaming is a form of esports designed to be played on mobile phones. There are numerous games available on the app store and play store.

Mobile gaming is increasing daily; more people are switching to mobile gaming. It is convenient, simple, and fun. Mobile gaming doesn’t restrict the gamers with time and place. Anyone can play games at any time at any place.

According to Business of Apps, Statista, more than 2.5 billion people have played mobile games in 2020. However, there is a debate about whether mobile gaming is real gaming or not. Poor graphics, bad storylines, horrible touch controls, and many other issues have raised the question of mobile gaming credibility. However, great changes and revolutions have answered all the questions raised.

Game development has become a competitive market. You have to become more innovative and creative in terms of designing new games. Old ideas, won’t bring new results in this era.

With over a billion active users and still growing, the mobile gaming industry is the future of gaming. And mobile game developers will have to become creative to stay relevant in the industry.
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Why Is Mobile Gaming Becoming So Dominant?

Console gaming undoubtedly provides gamers with the best graphics and ideal experience. Yet a lot of people are switching to mobile gaming. But why are people switching to mobile gaming?

Mobile Gaming And Smartphones

Mobile gaming is very convenient, as almost everyone has a smartphone at this time. According to a survey by Newzoo, in 2021, there were 3.9 billion smartphone users recorded worldwide, which will only grow more in the near future. Hence, with everyone having a smartphone, it is considered easier to just download any game for free is considered easier than to buy expensive consoles.

Also, carrying a mobile phone is much easier than a console. You can open your phone and start playing anywhere you want. However, you can’t do that with a console or PC.

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Fresh Updates And Frequent Game Launching

Mobile gamers are much lucky regarding getting new games more frequently than Console gamers. It almost took three years and a team of 1000 to develop GTA V, which is quite less frequent than mobile gaming. 

In Console or PC gaming, you have to buy a new variant or completely a new game when it’s launched. However, in mobile gaming, it is super easy; from App Store or Play Store, you can easily download most of the games launched.

Moreover, in mobile gaming, when a game is launched and has a few bugs or issues or any area of dislike by the audience, it gets changed very soon. However, in Console or PC gaming, that is not the case. Once the game is developed and launched, it gets much more difficult to cater to such issues.

Mobile Gaming Events

Since mobile gaming has become so popular, many mobile gaming events are taking place around the world. Such gaming events are the official way of saying that Mobile Gaming is real esports. These Mobile Gaming events are competitive-level events, and people win prizes up to millions of dollars. In 2021, Susquehanna Soniqs won one of the biggest prize pools in the history of esports; $1,296,189.

Mobile Gaming Event

Apart from that, many other esports events have happened for mobile gaming, that too with massive esports pool prizes. Such as:

  • Arena of Valor World Cup 2022 prize pool: US$8,000,000
  • Honour of Kings World Champion Cup 2021 prize pool: US$7,719,867
  • Peacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 3 prize pool: US$3,140,515
  • Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021 prize pool: US$2,000,000
  • Free Fire World Series 2021 prize pool: US$2,000,000

Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Games

Many game developers are trying to bring new visuals along with a better storyline, and advanced graphics. Many games have more than 100M+ downloads on both App Store and Play Store, but the most played and discussed mobile games are as follows:

#1 PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround-PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG mobile was initially made for PC gaming, and after its launch in March 2017, it became very popular among gamers. But it almost doubled its value after the launch of the mobile version. PUBG is a battle royale game with a 16+ age rating game developed by Proxima Beta. With over 500 Million downloads, PUBG undoubtedly stands as the most popular mobile game right now.

#2 Free Fire

Free Fire Mobile Game

Free Fire is also a Battle Royal shooting game like PUBG. Free Fire is considered one of the pioneers of online shooting mobile games. It was launched in November 2017. Garena International develops this game for ages rating 12+. Until now, Free Fire has been downloaded over 1 Billion times, making it one of the most downloaded mobile games.

#3 Among Us

Among Us Mobile Game

Among Us happens to be one of the most played games of 2021. With very minimum graphics and less detailed gameplay, Among Us broke all the norms.

Among Us is one of the games that proves you don’t need outstanding graphics to attain people’s attention. This game is a user-friendly mobile game mixed with mystery, thrill, suspense, and unleashing your inner detective skill of yourselves to find out the imposter.

Among Us was launched in 2018, with an age rating of 7+ and it was developed by Innersloth. It has crossed over 100 million downloads now.

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Mobile Gaming Flaws

Although mobile gaming provides you with many benefits, there are a few flaws as well. With positive features like portability and frequent updates, it seems like mobile gaming has it all, but there are a few things that can’t be ignored.

Poor Graphics

It is certain that mobile gaming provides gamers with new games every now and then, but this cost us in the form of graphics. When a console game goes under development, a team of thousands of people come together and put together a game, each puzzle at a time.

Mobile gaming provides a better quality of graphics which can be justified as mobile phones do not contain graphic cards specially built for gaming. However, mobile gamers are not always gonna face this issue.

With advancements in technologies, we are certain that mobile phones will be developed so strong that games with the best graphics could get easily played on the phone.

Poor VR And AR Games

The current mobile games do not live up to the level of excellence required for graphics in gaming. Hence, many AR and VR games are rated terribly. But the future of gaming seems to be very bright. As technology advances, VR gaming will be the next big thing in gaming.

VR Mobile Gaming Revenue

According to statistics from Statista, VR gaming generated a revenue of 1.4 Million dollars, which is estimated to grow to 2.4 Million dollars by 2024.

Poor Storyline

Most gamers do not play for great aesthetics only; they also need a great storyline to keep them hooked up with the game. Most mobile gamers do not get a great storyline as the games developed lack it. This is one of the major flaws that mobile gaming has. But this has made the consumers bring their expectations down rather than creating better storylines.

Once mobile game developers start to create a better storyline, there is no coming back from mobile gaming then.

No Upfront Fee For Developers

Labour gets its wage after the work is done, and a doctor gets its fees once the patient is healed, but that’s not the case for mobile game developers. When mobile game developers develop a game and they launch it on Play Store or App Store, people simply download it for free.

For the developers, it is a bit difficult because they get paid the last, and since all games are mostly free, they do not earn directly from the consumers. These things are immediately put off by the idea of not being upfront for their game, making developers lose focus and motivation. However, these things help consumers a lot.

Final Words

Mobile gaming is certainly the gaming industry’s future; there will come days when people will consider mobile gaming as actual esports and different competitive events.

Moreover, undoubtedly the world is under the shade of console and PC gaming, but the future seems to be very bright with technological advancements.

Many games are being developed right now, and if you have a very creative and new idea in mobile gaming, you should hire a professional to bring life to your ideas. MMCGBL is one of the leading tech agencies that can help you build a game of choice.

If you have any inquiries related to mobile game development, you can book a consultation online;

Although the mobile gaming industry has not been able to compete with the powerful graphics of console and PC gaming. And also not been able to compete with a great storyline, which will soon change. Mobile gaming will overtake console gaming with the best and fast processing smartphones in our generation and upcoming generations.

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