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The Unseen Journey of 2022 – A Great Year To Remember & A Motivation To Hustle In This New Year (2023)

Unseen Journey 2022 – To Remember & Motivation To Hustle This New Year (2023)

Happy New Year from a leading Software development company – MMCGBL!

Celebrating the success of a business is next-level happiness. The growing spike, the improved customer experience, the better professional environment, and great dedication means a lot for business growth, and that is all we achieved in 2022.

MMCGBL - software development company

It is an unstoppable journey to provide great assistance to businesses to be digitally transformed in this century. We have entered the 2023 journey, where we are one step closer to the innovation and technology that we are going to experience this year.

But before talking about more of 2023, MMCGBL – a leading software development company, is more excited to share the achievements, milestones, discoveries, and breakthroughs of 2022. We are celebrating huge success, talent, and devotion with our employees and clients, enabling us to reach the intended heights.

Let’s have a detailed look at what we have achieved in terms of business evolution and dynamic inclusion at our workplace.

100+ Software Development Projects – Done!

In 2022, we successfully completed a collective number of small to large enterprise projects for the private and government sectors. One of the projects we gained from the UAE government is worth mentioning here. For the first time in 2020, we collaborated on a web app development project in which we had to build an “Open Data portal or ODP” that can access by people without any inconvenience.

This project needs highly skilled, experienced developers who can build a secure dataset environment to enter new data, edit existing data, remove outdated information, and much more that can be user-friendly and easily managed by the end user. We are proud to say that our employees, including developers, designers, the project manager, and the rest of the team, did great and delivered this big project with immense expertise.

In 2022, they again chose us to build ODP-2, and again, we propelled this project with such devotion. The project is still ongoing, and we are thrilled to provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Along with this achievement, we have other software development and mobile app development projects you can see in our recent work. Not only have we worked with our clients, but we also built great client relationships throughout the 2022 journey.

Providing great client experience to consult them from scratch, introducing new concepts and ideation to transform eloquently, and much more that made us a leading software development company.

Moreover, we have gathered 50+ reviews that show our clients are satisfied with our services. The aim of delivering quality services never fades away with our name. That is why we don’t compromise the quality of our work and always go the extra mile away to augment our credibility.

Strong Workforce & Incredible Team Work – Done!

In 2022, we created a landmark in the IT industry and were recognized as a “Top Mobile App Development Company” by top-notch review platforms such as Goodfirms, Clutch, Expertise, etc.

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The representative of our company is our greatest strength that helps to achieve various milestones. As we are growing this year and including diversified team members, we saw a great change and improvement in our work that is better than before. We always appreciate our existing and newcomers employees that make us strong enough to handle pressure and complexity and stick to our commitments.

The team of 150+ employees, including senior, mid, and junior level tech-savvies, has made a remarkable performance with closer attention to client satisfaction. As tech leaders in the IT industry, our main focus is to adopt every new technology to stay competitive in this cut-throat era. To ensure this aim, we supported our team to indulge in self-learning and multiple training sessions to remain parallel to the innovative world.

Ultimately, with this strategy, we leveraged 20+ new technologies and their implementation in real-life projects with the help of our intelligent employees. With our striking and devoted team members, we will keep thriving and ensuring our success for 2023 and beyond.

Sneak Peak To Our Upcoming Goal To Hustle In 2023!

We have dreams, power, and strength to achieve much more in 2023. From increasing our clientele list to increasing our ROI, we will never go slow with our ambition. But more than that, we pledge to provide a better experience than before, build a greater community that encourages innovations and stronger client relationships, and deliver a high level of satisfaction that no one can forget!

Our business growth will be possible if we stick to the above-mentioned goals. As we expand, work with both new and current teams, and continue to impact lives via technology, we are looking forward to seeing 2023 achievement and success. You will find us more powerful, improved, and dedicated toward our existing and upcoming clients.

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