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Kotlin App Development – Top Benefits And Updates You Need to Know

As the world is changing, the way of building mobile applications is also adopting new modifications and functionalities. Many alternatives eliminate the old ones because the latest upgraded technologies are more advanced and possess new features. Yes, I am talking about Kotlin app development that came into the market as a Java alternative.

No doubt, Java development is a popular programming language that comprises useful libraries and other components. Let’s dive into how Kotlin is transforming mobile app development and How to use it as an alternative to Java.

Kotlin App Development

In 2012, the company JetBrains which sells integrated development programming introduced the Kotlin programming language. Kotlin comes into the market as a Java alternative for Android app development. It gives a new way to developers to build robust, fast, and scalable mobile applications.

It has been 12 years since I introduced Kotlin. But it was officially accepted in 2019 as a preferred programming language for Android app development by Android developers. In fact, developers are driving their attention to Kotlin app development while developing an Android app. It also reduces the usage of the Java programming language in different projects.

Kotlin app development

How Kotlin Programming language Came into life

Any invention refers to this well-known phrase “The necessity is the mother of invention.” Similarly, Kotlin also belongs to the same situation. A well-known Lead Developer Dmitry Jemerov at JetBrains, was looking for a feature that doesn’t exist in Java. After looking in another language, Scala, also run on the Java Virtual Machine, he found what he needed but not the exact one. It could take hours to compile, and the fuss behind it more hectic.

After realizing the need for modern features that need not only him but also others, he wanted a language that consists of optimal advanced functionalities. Hence, he made one, i.e., Kotlin programming language.

Key Benefits of Kotlin App Development

Although the discovery of many programming languages is rapidly growing, the benefits of each are remarkable. Let’s see the Kotlin app development benefits for Android mobile app development.

  • It’s open-sourced, cross-platform, and statistically typed multipurpose programming language.
  • It is concise and clear coding that saves time to create boilerplate code in Java.
  • With Kotlin, it is easy to convert Java files into Kotlin by using a script.
  • When you add features in many languages, it most probably increases the overhead. But in Kotlin, there is no runtime overhead.
  • Like the Java community, Kotlin also encompasses strong community support. You can get help from professionals and quickly get feedback on your work.
  • Kotlin supports asynchronous programming, making the network and database more viable and streamlined. Kotlin uses Coroutines that simplify asynchronous programming in the development.
  • The null pointer is a severe error in Java if it occurs. It can crash the app. But no more hurdles if you use Kotlin because it is default null-safe. It does not permit the allocation of null values to variables.
  • Kotlin is cross-platform to use on any platform, likewise Java, and build apps that back any platform.
  • It is simple to transition to Kotlin. Because Kotlin is entirely compatible with Java, you do not need to replace all your code at once. You may gradually move an application to Kotlin.

The Use of Kotlin In Development

The Java virtual machine helps Kotlin survive and helps run side-by-side with java programming. However, Kotlin app development was first developed for running only for Android applications, but based on its excellent performance, it captured the app development market. Now you can use it for many application developments. Have a look!

Android App Development With Kotlin

The starting point of the Kotlin app development language is Android development because it provides clear, concise, and safer code writing and deployment. Android studio supports Kotlin codebase, so you can get the same code completion and type checking to help you write Kotlin code as you do with Java.

Kotlin vs java

Kotlin Backend Development

Java helps in building extensive backend development as Kotlin does but in many more superficial ways. Kotlin creates an inroad into server-side web development complementary for developer ease.

The language’s contemporary capabilities enable Web Developers to create apps that expand fast on commodity hardware. Because Kotlin and Java are compatible, you may gradually migrate an application to use Kotlin one file at a time while the remainder of the program continues to use Java.

Kotlin also integrates with Spring and other frameworks, so migrating to Kotlin does not need to overhaul your existing code completely. Google, Amazon, and many more organizations have already converted Java in part of their server-side code with Kotlin.

Full-Stack Web App Development

Kotlin stands to reason for server-side web development. After all, Java has been around since the beginning. You may still use Kotlin for front-end programming using Kotlin/JS.

Kotlin/JS gives developers type-safe access to cutting-edge browsers and online APIs. It is the advantage of being familiar with Kotlin development to be a Full-Stack Developer. They can create front-end code in the same language as back-end code, and Kotlin programming language will transform it to JavaScript to execute in the browser.

Data Science

A massive corner of java development you can find in data sciences for detecting trends, decision making, massive numbers, etc. And when we talk about Java, it means Kotlin also can do this.

Data Scientists can utilize all of the standard Java libraries they are accustomed to using in Java projects. But they must develop their code in Kotlin. Jupyter and Zeppelin, two tools used every day by many Data Scientists for visualization techniques and exploratory study, also support Kotlin.

Multiplatform Mobile App Development

Kotlin app development is not bound to Android. That’s why it is labeled as multi-platform app development. With the help of the Kotlin codebase, you will be able to compile not only Android but iOS and run applications smoothly.

Well-Knowing Kotlin Apps We are using in Our daily life

As end-users, we have downloaded different apps for our use. Mainly, end-users engage with its interface, its performance, and how the app is solving problems. We don’t know the backend process of any app if we are not tech-savvy or do not indulge in the development process. So, here I am revealing two different Kotlin apps that we are using on a daily basis.


Pinterest — a social networking app used Kotlin as a primary language for the Pinterest Android app. After migrating Java to Kotlin, it generated the best outcome and revenue of $442.6 million just after increasing the efficiency of the application. You can download it from here: Pinterest


Kotlin also created a transportation service application with the help of Kotlin app development. The app runs faster, has many in-demand tools that are easily accessible, and has error-free app performance. It can generate $14.1 billion with better internal tools and model management. 

If you want to build your app with emerging Kotlin app development, let’s start today with MMCGBL. Our developers will consult you initially and help you throughout the development.

Bottom Line

Kotlin and Java have made for running side by side to transform the app development process. It is easy to write code for developers with higher workflow efficiency. If you want to create Android apps or multi-platform applications using the JVM, Kotlin is better than Java.

Let’s build your app that helps your users access the most functional Kotlin programming language. If you find Kotlin developers or Java-based developers, it is an excellent time to meet with us!

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