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Loyalty App Development Development

We focus on building trendy, intuitive, feature-rich and responsive applications as an loyalty app development company.

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Custom Loyalty App Development

We develop multi-channel loyalty rewards platforms for SMB’s and enterprise sized operations. We develop rewards management software for the retail industry. Our loyalty program software is customized to help businesses better understand customers. Provide end-users with better branding and build a custom loyalty app with data-driven strategies.


Our Loyalty App Services

Customer Loyalty Software

We develop loyalty management solutions customized for B2B and B2C marketing. We integrate ecommerce systems with loyalty app design for retailers to distribute and manage promotional rewards programs. Our custom loyalty apps help retailors retain customers and generate sales.

Custom Loyalty App Development

You can create partnered promotions and campaigns using custom Loyalty App Development. We develop business logic layers to automate promotional pushes based on customer engagement patterns, survey/review completions, as well as internal business conditions.

Omnichannel CRM Loyalty Management

Our CRM loyalty management platforms work across all retail POS channels, including websites, mobile apps, and brick-and-mortar retail software. You can easily facilitate customer outreach and content publishing via email, SMS, push notifications, and social media. Our Loyalty App Development configure.

Loyalty App Design

We build Omnichannel loyalty management platforms and apps. Our custom designed dashboards displays customer balances, profile info, transaction histories, and more. Patrons will use your customer loyalty app to opt in/out of geo-fencing, email frequency, report discrepancies.

Loyalty Software Analysis

C-Stores and grocery supermarkets implement custom modules to establish loyalty programs into existing enterprise software. Our developers integrate BI software to analyze ongoing loyalty campaigns and plan future incentives. Our loyalty app development allows findings to be disseminated into dynamic, easily shareable reports (PDF, XLS, RTF and CSV) using enterprise reporting software.

Customer Activity Tracking

We integrate rewards management software, develop plugins, extensions, and 3rd party API's to existing CRM systems. Let us modify your existing Shopify, Prestacart or Magento software to create, manage and deploy your custom loyalty app. Retailers can track consumer behavior across multidimensional segments (mobile, desktop, brick & motor) for BI reporting and analytics.


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Loyalty Mobile App Development

MMCGBL utilizes shopping cart to scale your e-commerce store with irresistible customer experiences and unparalleled back-end functionality

Loyalty Mobile App Development

MMCGBL utilizes shopping cart to scale your e-commerce store with irresistible customer experiences and unparalleled back-end functionality


Rewards Management Software Built for Digital Services

Custom Integrations

Retailer must create high-quality UI/UX to grab the attention of consumers loyalty app development will keep them there. Our developers create loyalty programs that seamlessly integrates with your.

Custom Loyalty and Growth Programs

We build loyalty programs with custom fields for user information. Once built, custom loyalty app builder is reusable and can be updated by anyone on your team whenever you like.

Special Offer Programs

Our custom loyalty and special offer programs will help you to grow your customer base and revenue, from acquisition to re-activation. We can add new proven programs to your library regularly as if you had an in-house development team.

Customer Loyalty Programs

We empower marketing and success teams to build customer loyalty programs without developer skills or other resources. After integration, programs can be rapidly build, manage and optimize all campaigns within the admin portal.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Our Loyalty Programs let you improve every part of the customer lifecycle with a fully automated marketing platform. Our Customer Lifecycle Marketing Solutions allow businesses to acquire more customers and grow revenues.

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Dedicated Loyalty App Development Platform

Welcome your people to access the data for reusing, sharing, and understanding.
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  1. A loyalty app incentivizes regular customers, increases customer engagement, and motivates them to buy more. It could be in the form of reward points, special offers, discounts, and so much more. These apps are part of a marketing strategy designed to encourage buyers to look at what you have to offer further.
  1. Reward current customers. 
  2. Reduce slow seasons.
  3. Reduce costs.
  4. Create mailing lists. 
  5. Boost profits. 
  6. Find new clients. 
  7. Improve brand reputation. 
  8. Get ahead of competitors.
  1. Points Programs. We’re going to set the stage by going back in time.
  2. Cash Back Loyalty Programs. 
  3. Punch Card Programs. 
  4. Tiered Loyalty Programs. 
  5. Coalition Loyalty Programs. 
  6. Premium Loyalty Programs (Fee-Based Loyalty Programs) 
  7. Hybrid Loyalty Programs.

Here at MMCGBL, we focus on building modern and interactive applications as a loyalty app development company. You can rely on us to ensure that all your requirements are projected onto the result. Our ten-year experience in the field will ensure that you get exactly what you need.

The entire reason a company designs a loyalty program is to boost their customer’s loyalty. There are various ways you can do that, like, offering discounts or free products to your clients, which will ensure that they will continue to do business with you if they’re happy with your products and services.

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