Node.js Development – The Most Popular Choice for Real-Time Applications Development 2022

Node.js Development – The Most Popular Choice for Real-Time Applications

Two decades ago, mobile application and web development companies used to be restricted by the limited programming language and framework options. These restrictions often used to become a reason for not developing Real-Time Applications. However, with time, each technological, data structure, and algorithms advancements has opened many doors for developing Real-Time Applications with smooth functionalities and features.

With the advancements in the current period, there are many frameworks available. However, the most preferred among the developers is Node.js. Many Real-Time Application companies are using Node.js development for Real-Time Application development. Through multiple surveys, it is concluded that almost 98% of the fortune 500 companies are using Node.js to develop and maintain highly scalable Real-Time Applications.

Node.js is a single-threaded, open-source cross-platform based on the JavaScript framework. Node.js is used mostly by developers for building Real-Time Applications. With massive developer support, community, and a simple learning curve Node.js has maintained its popularity. Apart from web and app development, Node.js developers also develop Node.js mobile apps. Node.js mobile app development is done for iOS and Android using the JavaScript engine.

MMCGBL is of the leading agencies providing services for Real-Time Applications, especially Node.js development. We have successfully managed multiple clients and completed over 1000+ projects. We have a team of 150+ experts on board who have hands-on experience in problem-solving. Our expertise and quality work have been recognized and awarded more than 20+ times, including the Local Excellence Award Winner.

Node.js and its Architecture

Node.js is a “Single Thread Event Loop” architecture. In a multi-threaded request model, multiple clients send a request at a time, and the server process each request model before sending back the response. However, many threads are used during this process to process concurrent calls.

Node.js development has a different way of working. It maintains a limited thread pool to serve requests. When a request comes in a Node.js development program, the loop picks it up from the queue to check whether it requires a blocking input/out (i/o) operation.

Node.js maintains its massive dominance in the Real-Time Application development domain by its event-driven and asynchronous nature.  One of the reasons why Node.js is fast is due to its heavy use of events. Node.js begins its server with variables and declared functions and then simply waits for the event to occur. Moreover, Node.js development is asynchronous programming that ensures non-blocking code execution. It makes sure that all things happen independently of the main program flow.

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Advantages of Node.js Architecture

Although Node.js development architecture provides many advantages, some of them are mentioned below;

  • Node.js development, single-threaded event loop model architecture has no issue handling multiple clients at a time.
  • The single-thread event loop helps Node.js Real-Time Apps get concurrency and synchronism characteristics.
  • In Node.js Real-Time Applications, the event loop can handle multiple client requests without creating separate loops for separate requests.

Node.js Development Modules

Node.js is popular in developing real-time web applications and Real-Time Applications. One of the most common modules of Node.js is Socklet. iO. Most developers are aware of Socklet.iO and its uses. It helps all clients and brings constant server-side communication, which helps get Real-Time Application updates.

The Socklet.iO consists of two side parts;

The first and the foremost is the client-side library, which runs in the browser. And the second is a server-side library that enables real-time bi-directional event-based communication.

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Node.js development and

Socket.iO is an event-driven library for real-time web applications

Socket.iO is an event-driven library for real-time web applications. It enables a developer to develop real-time web applications that help communicate between web clients and servers. It also helps in building Real-Time Apps for multiplayer gaming.

Chatting Feature in Real-Time Applications

Most chatting applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger are prime examples of Socket.iO use in Node.js. Through these applications, you can send a message or pictures and videos anywhere at any time. Socket.iO is the reason for all of these functions to happen smoothly and quickly.

The procedure that takes place in chatting sounds very simple due to Socket. iO. The Socket.iO module first receives the information you provide from your side,  then informs the user (the person you are texting/forwarding files) and does the same procedure from the user end. This procedure happens so quickly that it gives us the feeling of real-time chatting as if the person is sitting in front of us.

Video Conference Real-Time Applications

Socket.iO is also widely used to develop video conferencing apps like chatting applications. However, the architecture in developing Video conference Real-Time Applications is different.

Socklet.iO does not operate directly. Instead, it sends the video to the servers in fast streaming. The server receives the video in chunks, and once it gets the last piece of the tape, it compiles the whole video and portrays it to the viewers. This procedure sounds very long but is done within a few minutes.

Many times in our life, we have faced buffering in our videos, and we blame the internet or the browsers, which happens at the backend.

Multiplayer Gaming-Real-Time Application

In multiplayer gaming applications, the data shared between the client and server-side happens quickly and efficiently handled by Socket. iO. Also, in Real-Time multiplayer Applications, the data load always remains high.

In Node.js, the Socket.iO for games, the functionalities are designed in such a way that it can receive and process multiple calls to action. Yet, it only shares with relevant gamer profiles, providing them with a hassle-free gaming experience.

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Why Developers Mostly prefer Node.js for Real-Time Applications Development

Node.js development

Node.js has become the most commonly used open-source cross-platform for Real-Time Application development. Apart from the single-threaded event loop architecture, there are many other reasons why people prefer node.js developers and node.js development.

Easily Scalable

Node.js provides an approach that is called load balancing. Through this approach, Node.js developers can develop Real-Time Applications. This standard solution gathers and distributes all the information with relevant traffic while maintaining the connection balance.

Apart from that, Node.js because of its asynchronous I/O method.

Smooth Data Streaming

Node.js leverages streaming and video conferencing platforms with its fast-forward architecture. Node.js Real-Time Apps handle I/O requests efficiently. A very small part of videos is forwarded to the server rather than massive files, causing the process to run fast and smoothly.

Single Code for Client and Server

It is well established among the Node.js developers that Node.js is a cross-platform, JavaScript-based server-side platform. Node.js is no different from all the other cross-platforms in the coding. It also provides a single code for both the client and the server sides. Hence, the single codebase methodologies allow the developers to save code writing and execution time as they are not required to be re-written.

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Fast Operations and Automation

It is well-established now that the single-threaded event loop model of Node.js operates faster and automatically enables the page loading time. Hence, less time is required. Also, it helps in catering to multiple concurrent user requests without creating numerous threads.

Building Real-Time Applications Using Node.js

Almost all the enterprises and communication business giants, such as WhatsApp, Slack, Uber, Zomato, and Netflix, are built using real-time functionalities. Node.js developers use these features because, over the years, they have maintained their service’s smooth functioning and continue improving with the latest features inclusion.

The following are the few must-add features if you build real-time web applications or do node.js mobile app development.

Communication in Real-Time

This standard and very important feature must be added at any cost. Real-time communication such as chat boxes helps reduce the distance between the customer and the support team.

Through the chatting box, customers can complain and get feedback in a fraction of a second, enhancing your brand performance.

Notifications in Real-time

To enhance your brand connection with the customers, you should notify them. For this, you can choose;

The in-app notification appears within the applications, and the users bond to open themselves. However, Push notifications appear time by time as a reminder to users. It seems outside the application.

Push and In-app notifications help enhance the user experience and provide more benefits for your brand.

Collaboration with Multi-Users

This alone is the ideal feature and has saved a lot of time for many individuals and organizations. Google docs are the prime example of multi-user collaboration in real-time node.js mobile app development.

The functionality is very simple. The real-time data instantly sends the changes requested by the user to another user, and the changes occur accordingly.

Real-Time Data Streaming

The Real-Time Applications feature live data streaming. These enable the users to update the life of their activities with real-time data.

You must have seen the crypto market apps like Binance, which use live data streaming, cab sharing, retail inventory management, etc., all of which use real-time data streaming.

Real-Time Food-Order Status

The node.js mobile app development of live food order status has broken the wall between restaurant owners and customers.

The authentic reviews and good feedback act as a great add-on that helps build customer trust and enhances the business.

Real-Time Applications Examples With Node.js Development

Node.js development has been used in the development of many Real-Time Applications. Node.js developers have developed well-established companies such as Paypal, Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, LinkedIn Walmart, NASA, etc.


PayPal is one of the most extensive and widely used online payment systems. More than 100 different currencies can be transacted online through PayPal.

Due to its multiple languages and currency functionalities, PayPal started using Node.js by replacing Java to manage its customer-facing side. This resulted in a massive rise in PayPal functionalities.


Node.js development real-time application example

Node.js, along with its competent components and modules, can be handy as Uber needed a massive system architecture where it could effectively operate its on-demand cab service to users.

Just because uber went to Node.js to develop a reliable cab booking system, it can process over 2 million remote procedures without any malfunction in the system.

You can read more about the enterprises that use Node.js for development.

Node.js is the most popular and vital platform for developing Real-Time Applications. Node.js is a single-threaded, open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for building fast and scalable server-side and networking applications. Developers can develop Real-Time Apps, web applications, and other node.js mobile development.

There are many companies globally using Node.js for website development. Companies like Linkedin, Netflix, and Uber has chosen Node.js for their web app development, making it one of the most commonly and widely used programming language of this time.

Many companies provide node js development services. MMCGBL is one of the leading companies in delivering node js development services.

MMCGBL has maintained a reputation as the best node js development company. MMCGBL has provided many services and Nodejs development over the past 20 years. We have successfully managed multiple clients and completed 1000+ projects. Our more than 150+ expert team has hands-on experience in all fields. Our expertise and quality work have been recognized and awarded more than 20+ times, including the Local Excellence Award Winner.

Node.js has become a very common tool for developing server-side network applications.

Node.js FAQs:

Is Node.js good for Real-Time Applications?

Node. Js is ideal for handling concurrent connections, making it the prime framework for real-time and multi-user web app development.

Is Node.js only for web development?

No, Node.js can be used for much more than just website development. Through Node.js mobile app development, you can build multiple mobile apps.

Here at MMCGBL, we have a team of more than 150+ experts who can help you develop the most suitable and prime Real-Time Apps.

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