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OTT Platform “Netflix UAE”: The Killer UI/UX Design Psychology Of All The Time

With the growing market of Netflix UAE, almost everyone has an app on their smartphone to spend leisure time streaming videos like series and movies. Netflix UAE has been growing for a decade due to video quality and user-friendly app interface. Whether you are using a mobile app or a web app, every interface delivers a quality UI/UX experience. It makes people retain it for the long term. Behind every successful app, the UI UX design is the most important aspect of attracting users. 

Similarly, the designers of the Netflix app did a great job of creating a thoughtful UI/UX. From navigation to functionality, everything with a single click. That makes Netflix UAE an OTT streaming platform with a 44.4% market share in the UAE. 

Professional designers play with the design psychology that is totally based on human-centric design. This blog helps you identify the secret sauce behind Netflix UAE and its UI/UX design that has captured a large audience in Dubai and other regions.

Netflix UAE – UI/UX Design Evolution

Since the competition is getting tougher each day, app designers and developers have to come up with out-thought ideas that make their apps unique. The expectations of robust app functionalities and interactive designs must be catered to your audience. 

This can only be possible if UI/UX design is based on trending marketing techniques and user experience principles. Today’s mobile app development market is flooded with creative interfaces with problem-solving designs that fulfill users’ needs and retain them for maximum periods.

Netflix UAE provides a prime UI/UX design experience that is highly targeted to the demographics. From showcasing on-demand movies to displaying recommendations according to their taste with the help of AI, the viewers always get an OTT experience with this OTT video streaming platform.  

Now, we can observe the designer’s indulgence in an attention-to-detail approach. The typography, color psychology, app working flow, navigations, and other design elements have a corollary impact on the human interaction psyche. The UI UX design team did not compromise to deliver an exceptional user experience, which is why it is always viewers’ first preference for video streaming.

Is Netflix Always a Game-Changer?

Decades before, when Netflix launched from today, it was an iconic video streaming platform that got attention at the global level. Like other apps, the growth in streaming audiences tended to invite more rivals in the streaming industry, creating a sensation of competition. Including HBO Max, Disney+, Hulu, etc., the market has now been saturated, but surprisingly, Netflix still has a large library of movies that make it top of the streaming platform. 

In fact, the Netflix team faced ups and downs like other businesses, but they actually came up with the resolution to provide a better customer experience. Netflix loves to experiment, and they take constructive feedback to prioritize user preferences. When the setback of the auto-playing feature annoyed the user, the design and development team made it possible to create a botherless auto-playing feature by providing a turn-off or skip button. Real-time action regarding feedback is what the audience needs. It may feel like “they got heard and noticed!”

Similarly, the price hike is also a concern for many people, leading to being forced to be only a single viewer at a time. It means “one accounting=one viewer.” Even though people like the feature of sharing a screen from one account, they are no longer entertained by this opportunity.

However, regardless of these pitfalls, Netflix is a game-changer and OTT platform whenever it comes to video streaming. The continuous experimental approach improves the platform’s accessibility and functionality. Let’s dive deeper into the best features that attract the audience and enhance the experience. 

Features That Impact User Experience

Interestingly, there are various fun facts regarding Netflix. To improve the user experience, they have a huge team that helps them watch series or movies. The team watches shows, creates captivating descriptions, adds specific and result-oriented tags, categorizes seamlessly, and much more. Similarly, the ultra-cool logo and a posh selection of themes and colors make it unbeatable from other streaming platforms.

Features That Impact User Experience

Personalization Recommendation

By studying the pattern of the shows you watch, Netflix makes thoughtful recommendations based on a person’s likes or dislikes. The app runs algorithms that read your previous streaming data to suggest more personalized recommendations. It engages and entertains the audience without struggling to browse through the platform. 

Offline Viewing 

Netflix always wants to entertain you no matter where you are. Whether you are traveling or out of the internet, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies with the help of an offline viewing feature. The audience can easily access downloaded shows without an internet connection by tapping the downloading button. 

Fast Laughs

Are you in the mood to laugh or watch funny videos? Netflix provides you with a series of fast laughs that include funny clips from TV shows and movies. The chunks of fun moments are easy to access for the audience who have missed or skipped that part of the movie. 

New & Hot

Netflix never makes you miss any trending and upcoming show, and it has a functional feature of New & Hot. It includes a collection of forthcoming and trending highlights of the show to make the audience aware of what is coming next. Furthermore, it has sub-divisions that categorize genre, cooking soon, top-10, most-watched, everyone’s watching, etc. 

Surprise Me

As Netflix throws the audience into the paradox of choices, it also provides you a quick way to sort out the tons of suggestions by just clicking on “Surprise Me”. This feature launched in April 2022 but was discontinued in January 2021. The reason behind the removal of the “Surprise Me” button is the low usage of the feature. To improve the user experience, Netflix removed unnecessary features to unburden the app and maintain high performance. 


To ensure the user account security, Netflix limits the account usage. Some people were disappointed with it, but a few also expressed gratitude for providing end-to-end app security. People who share the same internet access or live in one home can use a Netflix account. People who likely share with their friends or colleagues do not like this security implementation. They feel that they are forced to open a personal account, which is much for their pockets. 

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Wrapping Up

Netflix’s design team creates UI UX designs more strategically rather than creatively. Or we can say they amalgamate strategy and creativity in one pot and emerge with an unprecedented user interface. The continuation of the entertainment journey is still going on, no matter whether testing and experimenting fail or win. They believe that the more improved the user experience is, the more they can embrace in streaming industry. We are here to assist you if you want to create this intuitive UI UX design. With budget-friendly dealing, we provide you with a Netflix-like oTT platform where users crave to use the app. We study popular approaches and always experiment with what can be best for our clients and their businesses. Our long-term assistance will help you thrive in this crowded era of mobile application development.

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