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PHP VS PYTHON: Which One Developer Loved Most In 2022

For any development project, picking the correct programming language is pivotal. If you do not know what to choose, PHP vs Python, then this piece of article is for you. Python and PHP development are two common programming languages used by most firms for web development projects nowadays.

It isn’t easy to choose between these two (PHP vs Python) when they pale in comparison. Despite the fact that many websites are built on PHP, Python has grown in popularity in recent years.

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Here are the initial points that you must know about these programming languages – Python and PHP. This blog article will go through the fundamentals of the two languages before comparing them. So, let’s start this party!

What is Python?

In 1991, Guido Van Rossum introduced Python – an open-source programming language. It aims to provide object-oriented programming concepts. It is widely used, easy to understand, and has high-level syntax.

Python is one of the most loved languages by developers, and many companies are using Python-based apps. It works as a scripting language for web browsers. Thus you can use it to create web apps.


Feature of Python

  • It is simple, flexible, and easy to maintain. 
  • Python can operate on various hardware systems while maintaining a consistent user experience.
  • For big programs, it delivers the ideal structure and assistance.
  • The Python interpreter makes it simple to add low-level modules.
  • Python has an automated garbage collection. It is an algorithmic syntax that helps to deallocate objects that are no longer required. 
  • In some cases, Python can integrate with C++ and java programming code.
  • Python supports high-level dynamic data types as well as dynamic type verification.
  • It helps to test and to troubleshoot in an interactive approach.

When to Choose Python Development?

This is the right question to ask, as both languages look efficient on their own. But there are a few cases where you must consider Python.

Given below:

  • When you need in-depth skills in data analytics.
  • While using the Django framework, building websites with Python is a good choice.
  • Or if the project is related to robotics and data sciences.

What is PHP Development?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a good programming language for web developers. It’s an open-source server scripting language for making interactive, user-driven websites. PHP is the language of choice, with many features, plugins, libraries, and add-ons designed to enhance community support and functionality.

In 1995, Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP or Personal Home Page. Following that, it was renamed PHP-Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is supported by almost all web browsers and is ideal for web app backend development.

PHP programming language encourages developers to build websites or mobile app development faster, more pragmatically, and more flexibly. It can overcome dynamic content on HTML websites, session tracking, and databases.

PHP vs Python

Features of PHP

  • It is easier to write code as compared to other scripting languages.
  • When it comes to databases, PHP supports different database integrations, such as MySQL and Oracle.
  • PHP allows users to log in by compiling a list of the most recent user accesses.
  • PHP is more efficient than other programming languages like JSP and ASP.
  • It comes with a few error-reporting variables that generate a warning or error message.
  • You may download and utilize PHP for free because it is an open-source language.

When to choose PHP Development?

Among developers, PHP development is a popular server-side programming language. Here are some examples of when PHP can help:

  • Cost-effective and time-saving
  • Efficiently work on the server-side
  • Creating websites, online/web apps, and blogs

PHP vs Python – Who wins?

Let’s compare PHP vs Python and analyze which one will be the perfect fit for your software and application development. 

Community Support

Python has been serving many years in the market, so the huge community welcomes you with any support. The large community and the willingness to help its members make it more supportive.

On the other hand, PHP also has a good community of active developers. You will never go left-handed as their community members continuously provide PHP learning and development. In this, there will be no PHP vs Python; both are winners.


Web apps that use machine learning are in high demand these days. In addition, machine learning is an important aspect of Python. Pandas, Tensorflow, Theano, and Scikit-learn, are just a few of Python’s machine-learning packages. These libraries are quick, dependable, and one-of-a-kind and integrate seamlessly with any web framework.

Remember that Python is useful in a variety of domains other than web development, but PHP is solely useful for web development. As a result, Python outperforms PHP in this area. 

Ease of Use

Python is a simple-to-use, open-source, portable, and adaptable programming language. Furthermore, Python syntax programming is straightforward. Python scripting is easier to comprehend than PHP coding.

PHP isn’t a typical programming language because it’s solely used to create dynamic website pages using HTML. It reduces PHP’s productivity compared to Python. As a result, Python outperforms PHP in terms of simplicity of use.

Speed Of Market

Python has many third-party libraries, packages, and modules that may help you accomplish a project faster. Django, for example, is a popular web framework developed in Python. It uses the MVC pattern to let developers quickly create programs with a high separation of responsibilities and reusability.

PHP has its own set of tools, which includes frameworks and libraries. Laravel, for example, is the most well-known PHP framework that embraces the MVC architecture and comes pre-packaged with several useful web development tools such as templating, routing, authentication, and so on.

Web Framework

Web development frameworks in PHP vs Python are both strong and well-designed. Many large corporations utilize PHP’s web frameworks. Symfony and Laravel, for example, are established frameworks with a huge community behind them. As a result, PHP makes web creation simple.

Python also comes with a slew of fantastic frameworks. The two most famous Python-based web frameworks are Flask and Django. These are flexible, quick, simple to use, and secure. Developers often prefer Django over PHP-based frameworks since they are easier to set up and require less development time.

Library Management

For working with packages, Python uses Pip. Pip ensures that Python app development is quick, simple, and meets all development requirements.

PHP’s library management is less powerful than Python’s. Python offers a larger library of libraries and useful tools for developing web apps. As a result, Python comes out on top.


Python is a popular alternative for corporations in terms of security. Django, for instance, comes with several built-in security measures that assist protect projects from various security risks. Several government agencies also use Python as a top-secret hacking tool.

PHP is less secure than Python, even though its substantial community support has fixed most of the issues. As a result, Python beats PHP at this stage.

Environment Management

When it comes to dealing with environments, Python has shown to be the greatest programming language. Its Virtualenv feature lets users quickly switch between multiple versions of the language.

In this regard, PHP is no match for Python. VirtPHP, a PHP analog, is available, although it’s archived and unmaintained. As a result, PHP developers prefer to employ containers. As a result, Python comes out on top.

Ease of Learning

Python is unquestionably simpler to learn. This general-purpose programming language is simple to understand. It’s simple to find a beginner’s programming course. In comparison to other languages, Python applications are shorter and easier to develop.

In contrast to stand-alone, basic applications, PHP is designed for complex web apps. It is not at all a general-purpose language. As a result, learning PHP takes longer than learning Python.

Debugging or Python Debugger

PDB (Python Debugger) is Python’s built-in debugger. It employs a variety of debugging techniques. PDB has dynamic typing, which lets developers work without having to announce everything at the start of a program.

For developers, PHP also includes the XDebug package, which allows them to resolve flaws and error-check their code. On the other hand, PHP development is slower in finding and fixing errors. As a result, it has a lot of security issues.


Despite the fact that both PHP and Python are excellent web developers, Python development outperforms PHP in many ways. This does not mean that you must use Python and ignore PHP. PHP and Python are both good programming languages for web app development with lots of unique functionalities. PHP development is a mature and old programming language, and it is used before Python. On the other hand, Python is new and still expanding its modules over time. Finally, developing web apps is highly dependent on your project requirements as well as your PHP or Python competencies, experience, and ability.

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