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Mobile App UI UX Design: Trends for 2022 That Grow Your Business

Mobile App UI UX Design: Trends for 2022

The growth of the online business is increasing at a high level because customers feel at ease approaching more conveniently. This is made possible by building an online presence on different touchpoints where you find a maximum number of the intended audience. One of the direct access that businesses are providing is mobile apps with perfect UI UX design.

Play Store and App store is full of mobile apps that actually grab the user’s attention almost every second. Moreover, the increasing number of Mobile application development proves that it is the need of today’s era.

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But how is this need going to be fulfilled? And all the apps are favorites to the users. Obviously not. This competitive market provides exceptional applications to beat their competitors and they play with them by providing super cool UI UX design.

The user interface (UI) is the first impression that attracts the users. If it is not up to the mark, you will lose the user within a second. The user interface directly connects with the user experience because UI is all about providing an exceptional experience to the users.

In mobile apps, the user interface plays a vital role to engage users. It makes a smooth journey within the app and boosts app performance. An app’s UI design isn’t just about how it appears. The data architecture of the app should work in tandem with UI design principles to organize, arrange, and label the app’s content in a way that is both sustainable and accessible.

Mobile app UI UX design

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Emerging UI UX design brings a lot of new direction that helps in building mobile applications more exciting and attractive. So, let’s have a look at trends that help your business to grow via mobile application development.

Mobile UI/UX Design Trends for 2022

There are multiple UI UX design trends for Android or iOS mobile UI UX design. Here are a few we have picked for your read.


The word “metaverse” is a pretty modern one that has been spoken around a lot recently. In the Metaverse, wearing a virtual reality headset connects people, digital devices, and the environment. Virtual reality and augmented reality have come a long way from being only a theoretical possibility for real-world implementation.

This technological advancement has become one of the most current UX industry trends. Moreover, it will continue to be so in the near future. Facebook has created a virtual reality remote work application in order to create a “metaverse” ecology. Around the end of 2021, it became a significant problem, and it will remain so in 2022.

Improved Personalization

Personalization of mobile apps is expected to gain traction via UI UX design this year. In mobile development, a personalized user experience is becoming increasingly important. This personalization is only possible with artificial intelligence and machine learning as they make related suggestions or provide assistance at the next level.

For instance, while using a mobile application, if the user needs any assistance regarding product/services, then an AI chatbot can assist and resolve the query. In addition, fitness and bucket list applications provide further personalization for all users.

Rise of Squircle Morphism

It seems like a minor change but in terms of mobile app UI UX design, it emerges like a boom. Developers love to use this trend while developing exciting and attractive applications. Squircle Morphism is around the corner but not a rectangle or circle. It is eye-pleasing and has a subtle curvy shape from the corners of mobile devices. It gives a smooth look and feels to users that get a great experience with UI design.



Voice Interaction

Mobile applications that contain voice assistance are another level of satisfaction. Voice-based applications support instant response to queries, time-saving, and more feasibility.

Better Illustrations

Patterns, colors, and perhaps even odd characteristics may be a lot of fun while building UI UX design. Designers are adopting the UX/UI design transition with colorful, optimistic themes, whether for presentations or corporate websites. These themes all have one thing in familiar: they make people’s lives a bit brighter.

To bring pleasure and happiness, faces, slimmer typography, fascinating typefaces, and color that elicits positive emotions are employed. To get the most out of the movement, look for softer elements and avoid strong fonts or color schemes.

illustration UI UX design

Vector graphics, often known as illustrative style, is a UI/UX design style in which pictures are created with graphic design. After that, it is linked with lines or curves to produce a distinct look. Vector artwork is now being employed in a growing variety of internet projects. It not only looks elegant, but it also adds a special attraction to the UX design.

Passwordless authentication

Technology is the name of providing ease and if you are the one who can not remember lots of passwords, this trend is for you. Developers start using passwordless logins syntax in applications. So if you are a frequent user of the app, you don’t need to enter a password every time. It is replaced with facial recognition, fingerprints, or one-time passwords (OTPs) that are easier to utilize. Moreover, when it comes to providing fingertips solutions, usually user experience gets better.

Data UI UX Visualizations

Abstract data isn’t reliable. Facts, on the other hand, are always correct. However, if you have a lot of material to convey, you’ll need to make it not just understandable but also fascinating.

Data visualization helps to communicate the important content in a more dynamic way. There’s also an obvious link between it and narrative. Professionals design websites that give users a feel of the content by reducing databases.

Animation Based UI Design

A better user experience necessitates the usage of operational animation. Animated movements and motions provide a lot of information: they explain state changes, validate actions, and give interactions a rhythm.

Mobile app designers may create more complex animation as mobile devices get stronger and faster. The animation is no longer merely for reducing the gap between distinct situations; it’s also a branding tool.

Motion conveys a unique tale about your business and product. On the other hand, animation engages consumers by creating film-like scenarios in which data changes from frame to frame.

Gradient 2.0

Another effect that is trending in mobile applications is the gradient that offers the ultra-fine style of interface. The soothing effect of the background provides vibrant and clear visuals. Moreover, it enhances the features and functionalities that bring dimension and depth to the flow of the application.



Dark Theme UX Design

The most effective trend that brings positivity and care to the users. The dark mode of the application helps to protect eye strains by adjusting the brightness of the screen. Additionally, it increases the battery timing by reducing the use of brightness pixels, as a result, long battery life.

Dark theme


Liquide Swipe Effect

There was a time when the CTAs or buttons got attention and developers focused more on them. But today’s UI UX design trend beats the competition and brings an easy-to-wipe effect that is more fascinating and clickable. With this effect, the end-users focus on the content more. It is due to white space making the content easy to read and convincible.

AR/VR based UI UX design

The usage of virtual reality and augmented reality technology allows users to integrate fictional digital components into real-world images. While using an application with this incredible UI UX design, it’s like “giving them a new look in their everyday routine”.

Media, tourism, fashion, eCommerce, entertainment, science, mHealth, real estate, and education are just a few examples that can benefit from AR and VR’s UI/UX design.

AI Chatbot Design

Applications like AI chatbots provide exceptional assistance to users.  It can employ on the website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other channels. The users get attracted by its intelligence and the UI design of how they respond brilliantly.

Further, the use of emojis makes the conversation more attractive. That’s why in chatbot, you can find funky yet relevant emojis to provide an engaging user experience. Chatbots who build close-ended mostly have a chance to get more users. If the UI design of the chatbot is streamlining, It surely provides a great user experience.

Design for Disabled People

People with acute, permanent, or situational disabilities engage with things in different ways. Having an accessible mindset in your design will assist you to create better user-friendly products.

A screen for persons who are blind or have limited vision allows them to hear UI components and text read aloud. In addition, help to get haptic feedback and audio cues.


If you come to us for developing Mobile apps, MMC GBL provides you with exceptional and trendsetter UI UX design that makes users excited to use. Our UI UX design services are up to date and more creative to build incredible designs. In fact, all credits go to our best designing team for making our clients 100% satisfied.

With the aforementioned all-new trends, it’s important to remember that the designer’s goal must always stay the same. To employ new techniques and technology to improve the lives of people.

Consider the benefits a trend provides for users whenever you examine it, to provide the greatest possible user experiences.

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