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React Native App Development With Expo – 5 Benefits For React App

React Native App Development With Expo – 5 Benefits For React App

Are you planning to create cross-platform apps with React Native app development? When you start building apps using React Native, you’ll encounter the decision of whether or not to utilize Expo.

As technology reveals new things to discover more features and functionalities, the react native framework brings more easiness for developers. With Expo, the new toolkit improves React Native app development by quickly deploying on both platforms.

History of React Native App Development

Here’s a little primer on React Native before we go into Expo. React Native is a cross-platform toolkit that uses JavaScript and Reacts to create native mobile apps for iOS and Android. The reason for its success is that it builds native mobile apps using the popular language JavaScript in conjunction with the most popular web framework React. Initially, React Native could only build an iOS app but the rising demand takes React native at this point and make it a cross-platform app development. React Native came into life by Facebook in 2015.

What is Expo?

Expo is a framework for creating React Native app development. It’s essentially a collection of React Native-specific tools and services that will guide you through creating React Native apps.


There are two approaches to creating React Native app development. One uses Expo, whereas the other uses React Native without it.

When and Why Should You Use Expo?

You must make this decision early on while React Native app development. You must determine whether or not you will use Expo for your project. It is because your whole project’s architecture is based on this decision.

React Native app development with expo

Here are some compelling reasons for your React Native app development with Expo.

Fastest Development

Expo is the greatest choice for you if you’ve assigned a project that requires rapid development and you’ve chosen React Native to build the cross-platform app. Expo makes it simple to create and distribute React Native apps for iOS and Android.

Native Mobile Coding

You’ll never have to touch any native iOS or Android code using Expo. This implies that developers do not need to be familiar with native mobile code while developing apps using Expo. Expo manages all of the native code behind the scenes, which isn’t visible to the developers.

Whereas, if you design React Native apps from the ground up without Expo, you’ll need to employ a smidgeon of your native mobile coding expertise, based on what I’ve observed. Although 95% of the code is common between iOS and Android, you may need to alter some native code on both platforms depending on your use case. Expo is the greatest option for anyone who wishes to avoid diving into that layer.

Over the Air Updates

Over The Air (OTA) updates are a fantastic tool you may use when using Expo. Because everything of the code you write to develop your app with Expo is in JavaScript, you may change it over the air at any moment. You wouldn’t need permission from the app store to do so. Getting through the app stores to release updates to your apps is the most painful aspect of mobile app development.

With Expo, you can easily and rapidly publish updates to your app through the app. Because there is no native code, you do not need to publish every update to the app store. It is a fantastic tool that comes in handy when developing and testing software quickly.

Direct API Access

Expo has a large number of native APIs for both iOS and Android. It simplifies the task of adding native functionality to the software for the developers. Camera, file system, location, social authentication, and push alerts are just a few of the native capabilities supplied by Expo. Because these native functionalities are included in the Expo bundle, you won’t have to worry about integrating them when using Expo.

Free Open Source

Surprisingly, it is an open-source platform where you can access rich features and functionalities. You can contribute to the community activity and get support for your project. It is the ultimate benefit to the community and its members.


Expo is a global React application framework and platform. It’s a suite of tools and services centered on React Native and native platforms that allow you to create, build, deploy, and improve iOS, Android, and web apps using the same JavaScript/TypeScript codebase.

We can use it in the development of your app for the fastest development, greater API accessibility, building Native codebase, and over-the-air updates. As it is an open-source platform, developers nowadays choose Expo in their development.

On the other hand, some critics took it seriously and did not support Expo. If you have a Native developer on your team, you don’t need to opt for Expo. Because Expo supports non-native coding skills, you don’t require a Native developer as it increases the resource cost. Moreover, there are limited APIs available, which frustrates developers when needing any specific one.

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