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How To Build A Bolt App Clone – Develop A Ride-Hailing App To Provide Instant Commuting

Like communication, commuting, and transport businesses are also getting transformed. From riding over animals to transport on automated cars, a big chunk of evolution we have experienced. Today’s digital world allows us to commute with our fingertips. Mobile apps like Bolt app, a car-hailing application, help people book conveyance at their fingertips. In the US, people with a busy schedule want convenience with on-time bookings of rides no matter what destination they need to go to. 

The need for an app like Bolt app is emerging and if you want to launch your app then this blog is for you. The car-hailing app is a unique and lucrative business model with a great business opportunity. Everyone wants convenience while commuting. Transportation is a daily requirement, whether users need to go to work or to go to run errands. 

In fact, the development of the Bolt app clone is worth the investment. Applications like Bolt are an inspiring example for many business owners who want to launch profit-oriented applications.  If you are wondering what cost you have to bear for a complete application this blog is for you!

Steps To Build A Perfect Ride-Hailing App Like Bolt App

Here are the essential steps included in the development process for ride-hailing apps like Bolt app.

Market Assessment To Build App Like Bolt

Knowing your audience, understanding their preferences, and identifying market dynamics are the essential steps to build a strong foundation for your application. The more you indulge in assessing the market, the better you get the knowledge about what you are going to make. Your application will be successful if it emphasizes solving users’ problems. By researching the market, you can create an enriching business plan and execute effective monetization strategies. 

Identify Your Unique Selling Point

The market is full of competitors like Bolt app, you must come up with a unique selling proposition to stand out in the crowd. It means you have to build something different that sets your app apart from others. Like adding unique features, smart navigation, lower prices, seasoned discounts, targeting specific niches, or providing exceptional customer services. You should compile all the objectives and unique ideas to attract and retain users and meet your business goals. 

Choosing The Right Technology Stack

It is crucial to pick the right technology stack from the beginning of the project. Your development team must know the latest technology to build a competitive product. The right technology stack provides the utmost benefits in the long term like it ensures scalability, adaptability, and flexibility. Moreover, for Android application development, developers choose Kotlin and for iOS app development, developers choose Swift. 

In fact, for building a cross-platform application, developers use popular frameworks like React Native or Flutter for the fastest and most reliable development. In addition, the other components like database, cloud hosting, third-party APIs, and dedicated programming language are also important to notice to provide a secure application environment.

Decide Essential Features

Features are the basic need of building an app. When we do competitor analysis on our first step, we also analyze features that have been built by our competitors and what uniqueness we can add to make the app more appealing. By gathering all the information and adding unique features, you can make an app that stands out in the crowd. Features like easy login/sign up, AI recommendations, flexible prices, multiple payment methods, and other OTT features that reflect the solutions to user problems. 

UI UX Design

Bolt app is a highly user-friendly and intuitive ride-hailing application which is why users love to use it. A good mobile application has a clean, intuitive, and highly navigated user interface to attract and retain users. However, an experienced UI UX designer can help you create eye-catching interfaces that not only attract users but also turn into potential customers with easy-to-use features. With attractive hues, high-resolution visuals, and attractive themes that align with your overall business identity. 

Monetization Strategy

There are multiple monetization strategies but for the ride-hailing app, we go for specific. You can build strategies around different situations like commission-based fees on rides, surge pricing during peak hours, subscription plans for premium features, and partnerships with local businesses for promotional opportunities. 

Development Phase For Bolt App Clone

Development is the most critical phase which includes major creation of your app from prototyping, coding, testing, and deployment. To streamline the development process, a mobile app development company assigns a project manager who keeps track of project progress, monitors backlogs, and keeps the team aligned with the same platform. With cohesive team collaboration transparency and implementation of suitable project management methodology, you can successfully develop your app that generates profits. 

Testing And Deployment

To ensure the quality of coding and overall product development, testing is one of the detailed processes that deliver exceptional user experience. You will not launch the application without testing otherwise you can lose credibility. Moreover, launching your app is another significant step. Whether you create an iOS app or an Android app, you must meet the standards of each store. There are certain guidelines from both app stores that every app should meet otherwise you can get rejected to deploy for the public. The more your app is error-free, the more chances of approval of your app. 

Maintenance & Support

Pre and post-launch maintenance and support are essential for ensuring high-performing taxi apps like Bolt app. In order to optimize your app, you need a dedicated team that monitors your app performance, removes errors, fixes bugs, and does regular updates. A well-supported team of maintenance ensures the app’s security and performance which opens lucrative opportunities for the business owners.

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A Ballpark Figure To Build An App Like Bolt

The cost of building a car-hailing app like Bolt app in the US can vary depending on several factors. Here’s a general idea:

Factors affecting cost:

  • Features: A basic app with features like ride booking, GPS navigation, and in-app payment might cost around $20,000-$50,000. More complex features like driver verification, multi-stop rides, and integrated chat can significantly increase the cost.
  • Platform: Developing for both iOS and Android (native apps) will be more expensive than a hybrid app that works on both platforms with a single codebase.
  • Development team: Hiring a team of experienced developers in the US will be more expensive than outsourcing to other countries.

Cost estimates:

  • Simple app: $20,000-$50,000
  • Medium complexity: $75,000+
  • High complexity: $100,000+

Additional considerations:

  • Backend development: This creates the server-side functionality that supports the app’s features and costs extra.
  • Maintenance: Ongoing bug fixes and updates add to the overall cost.

Let’s Wrapping Up

Mobile applications are shaping the new way to commute around the globe. The market share of ride-hailing applications is surging rapidly and is expected to reach USD 515.49 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 11.34% from 2022 to 2030. However, if you want to build an app that generates profit, let’s connect with a professional mobile app development company like ours.

At MMC Global, we build apps for almost every type and every industry including healthcare, transportation, banking, education, manufacturing, etc. Furthermore, our experienced development team along with UI UX designers will accept all challenging application projects and elievr quality product by using their utmost capabilities. Let’s start your project from scratch with MMC Global!

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