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Courier Delivery Mobile App Development: 7 Most Wanted Features

Online shopping is rising. Online communication plays a vital part in connecting people and businesses. Even online courier deliveries at the international and national levels are now not a big deal. Because technology simplifies routine tasks, businesses play at the massive ground by providing multiple mobile applications. Similarly, Courier companies which are highly in demand due to online shopping and communication, also leverage technology by courier delivery mobile app development.

They give their audience a handy way to deal with their shipment and delivery of materials. The usage of mobile devices is immersive, and people prefer mobile device interaction more than other gadgets. That is why courier companies also stepped into developing a mobile app that can provide greater value to their customers.

As a top-notch USA mobile app development company, we always encourage businesses to come forward with technology, even if they are startups, SMBs, or enterprise-level. We provide customized mobile app development solutions with customized features and functionalities according to the customer-centric approach. Apart from mobile app development, we can also help build complex software, ERP, CRM, etc. We have a vast portfolio of designing and developing mobile apps for multiple businesses that we love to showcase.

Moreover, we aim to provide a better value proposition to simplify business operations and increase profitability. In courier service mobile app development, we have 7 major customized features to help make your app scalable and high performing. Let’s explore it.

7 Major Features For Courier App Development

The major functionality of courier app development is to track the parcel, confirm shipment, provide real-time assistance, instant notifications, etc. There can be different app models that can only consist of tracking deliveries, shipment records, and third-party delivery vendors.

To sum up, all these models need a well-integrated application to streamline the courier delivery operation from the customer to the company side.

Real-time Trackers

Providing real-time information about customers’ parcels helps customers to know when they can receive their most-awaited package. It helps to deliver a better customer experience throughout their services. Moreover, the courier company also tracks the parcel, whether the parcel carefully reaches the destination or not.

Courier App Development

Chat Automation

In the world of technology, chat automation helps businesses to provide better and instant customer services. In your mobile courier app development, you can integrate AI chatbot software that automates your customer support with human intervention. Chatbots are highly impactful innovations that can provide support 24/7, assisting multiple customers at a time, provide instant responses, and much more.

Premium Deliveries

This feature helps your customer to reach you for instant and urgent deliveries. If you are providing such services, you must add this feature to highlight your premium services for urgent or special cases. You can get an extra amount for your instant services that a customer will happily pay. In addition, you can also add more services, such as cargo shipping, safe or customized packaging, etc.

Customized Packagings

This can be the best feature of your application for your customers to provide multiple packaging options. People around the world send luxurious items to make their loved ones happy. Some send festive gifts or birthday presents, or some want a triple packaging coating for their fragile item deliveries. Customized packaging features can fulfill the customer’s requirements without any trouble. 

In-app Calendar Integration

Integrating the calendar in the courier mobile app helps customers and clients to set the priority of their courier delivery. It smoothens the process of delivery date and time selection, and the company also keeps track and makes sure to reach the parcel at its earliest.

Payment Integrations

Integrating different payment methods and gateways help customers to take your services for worldwide deliveries. People around the world prefer other payment methods, and if you are not capable enough to provide them with this ease, you may lose your customers at the very edge of closing deals.

Real-Time Notification

Providing real-time notifications will help app users to be aware of the status of their packages. Moreover, you can also send notice of rewards and discounts on your services that engage your audience. Sending your potential customers personalized messages with the help of AI can also boost your revenue.

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Bottom Line

We can build a functional and feature-rich mobile app development for courier delivery services to summarize all these features. Businesses that have launched their app have seen greater potential in revenue, win new customers, and provide better customer experience throughout their services. If you are looking for the best team for mobile app development, MMC Global is the solution for all your queries. Let’s discuss your project in depth, make a decision, and work around it.

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