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Social Media App Development

Powered diverse businesses with the richness of social media development and have successfully raised the revenue bars of our associated partners. Moreover, with the feature-rich social networking apps, MMCGBL continually delivers excellence in this field. Hence, we will make your social media apps popular with efficient dating and social networking app development solutions with vast expertise.

Our Social Media App Development Services

Flexible & Customer-centric Interface

To provide flexibility and smoothness while using our developed social media apps. Furthermore, we put users’ requirements at the center of our planning and design solutions that exceed their expectations. Also, we are dedicated to making technology an easy-to-use perk for the users, and thus we always craft.

Provide long-range connectivity

We focus on developing social media solutions that have integrated with the prime features to provide businesses vast connectivity. Moreover, our crafted solutions help enterprises connect their targeted audiences at broader aspects and help their customers get updated with the latest updates in services and processes of the business.

Notifies instantly on latest updates

Our advanced social media apps solution come with a brilliantly designed social feed that helps businesses promote their latest happenings through a post. Hence, through our developed social apps, companies can notify their users of the new deals, information, and various updates and generate valuable feedback.

Delivers Responsiveness

Keeping brands & businesses’ image at the core, our social networking app development services are designed to provide responsiveness to them. Furthermore, we develop and create highly responsive solutions so that brands can understand the basic need of their customers and align their service line as per their customer demands.

Helps in multiplying user-base

Fulfilling the need of the current era and user demand, our social media apps are designed to dig the end requirement of users. Moreover, our app developers excel at developing feature-loaded solutions that help businesses reach their target audiences and match their needs. Hence, this allows companies to generate a more extensive user base for their brand.

Access the door of massive revenue

Our deployed social media apps are built to hit the bull’s eye through innovative integrated features, compelling designs, and agile operational quality. Furthermore, our advanced solutions help businesses hit the exact pain point of the users and help them generate massive ROI through the best and most scalable app development solutions.

First, what kind of social media apps can you build?

Social media applications become a captious utility of individuals today as it gives them various advantages over keeping them associated with their own and expert group. Furthermore, using the force of extended range social networking app development services helps you grow your business organization and upgrade brand visibility. Moreover, it increases your believability hike conversion rate and ROI. MMCGBL is a prominent social media app development company; we offer unrivaled app solutions effectively and inventively for dating and social media. Also, we can create long-range social networking applications dependent on the bespoke requirements of companies.

Prime Features that gives you Beamy Social Connectivity Experience

Making a social networking app successful requires rich features dependent on your users’ expectations. We work with such features that add network and cooperation components inside the app and give users a consistent experience while using the app and encounter the forefront availability.

Quick profile creation: We target the audience and the purpose; then, we develop the features and functions. Furthermore, we design and develop the app. Therefore this leads us to build our community.

Advanced search criteria: With the help of an Advanced Search option, we help your users perform more complex searches than a Standard Search. Furthermore, they can enter search terms across several fields.

Real time messaging:Real-time Messaging refers to the distribution and delivery of messages that we design to be consumed or otherwise used in real-time (i.e., as events occur and no later).

Secure login and privacy controls:We provide a Secure Login which includes an innovative software solution. Moreover, it is specifically created to improve user and IT productivity and protect business-critical data in SAP business solutions.

Google Map integration:With the help of Google Maps, we can develop customized map-based applications for your company. Hence, whether a static or interactive map, mobile or browser-based, you can integrate customizable maps into shops, websites, apps, and business software.

Create and manage events:Whether your event is online or IRL, B2C or B2B, there are tricks to designing an event social media strategy that gets you noticed, sells tickets, and engages attendees. Moreover, we can help you strategize your priority reach, connection, and anticipation.

Dedicated Social Media App Development

Welcome your people to access the data for reusing, sharing, and understanding.

Our Development Process

In order to streamline our project development process, we take on our strategic approach to successfully complete our projects.

Planning & Execution

From gathering requirements to brainstorming unique ideas, our first step is to listen to our client's preferences and plan the whole project deliverables to create a deadline.

Design & Prototype

We align professional designers to work on creating the user interface, from low-fidelity to high-fidelity design and prototyping, which must deliver an exceptional user experience.


Our development process involves writing custom codes and integrating APIs to make the design functional of extensive resources of diverse technology to be parallel with industry-competitive solutions of preferred tech stack to build complex features and functionalities.


To verify and evaluate the quality of the codebase, our testing process ensures that every corner of the solution is working and bug-free before delivering the project.

Launch & Maintenance

Proper design and development, along with implementing security protocols, allow us to launch safe, bug-free products that fulfill our clients' requirements.

A track record of success

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Our Some Great Work On Social Media App Development

Read our best case study best that work on Social Media App Development.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients appreciated our work, and that motivated us to grow and deliver better.

Questions? Here are answers

What is a social media app?
Every web-based application supports information publishing and sharing like text, video, audio, and photos that enhance the image and thus sales of the brand. These build personal profiles that connect a community and searching within the community is considered a social media application.
How much time does it take for social media app development?
The time of building a social media apps can vary on the features included in the app. However, around 3 to 6 months are spent on one project for a basic single-feature app. However, if other complex features are added, it will almost take 6 to 9 months or more, respectively.
What are the six types of social media?

Although this can be broken down in many ways, the six types of social media include:

  1. social networking
  2. bookmarking
  3. social news
  4. media sharing
  5. microblogging
  6. and online forum sites.
Why choose MMCGBL for your social media app development services?
We provide powered diverse businesses with the richness of social media development and successfully raised the revenue bars of our associated partners. MMCGBL continually designs feature-rich social networking apps; hence, we will make your social media apps include efficient dating and social networking app development solutions. That can only be possible if you choose us as we have ten years of experience in the field.
How to create a social media app?
Target audience and purpose. Features and functions. Development & Design. Grow your community. Analyze Design your social media app

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