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20 Most Popular React Libraries to Consider in 2022

20 Most Popular React Libraries to Consider in 2022

With the utmost knowledge of using React app development, developers get confused while choosing the best React library. And most of the beginners are still stuck in the buzzwords that are React, React Native, and Reactjs. In today’s learning, I will help to take you out of this puzzle. Moreover, we’ll discuss the top 20 React libraries that you should consider in your development process.

What is React? That is…

React is a library for creating the front-end UI of websites or applications by using JavaScript. In fact, today’s developers considered it the most perfect for building an ideal web interface and high-performing React library.

What is Reactjs?

Reactjs is an open-source JavaScript library that supports the creation of outperformed user interfaces for websites. Mainly, Reactjs is for building web pages of websites for use in a web browser.

What is React Native?

React Native is a cross-platform and open-source framework that helps build mobile applications for iOS, Android, windows mobile. It can be put in the app store or Google store so people can use it on any device.

That’s it!

It’s a vast platform for developers to play with multiple elements and no doubt, it’s a game-changer for them. Additionally, React gives multiple libraries that make our life easier that’s the reason it helps us faster and simpler development.

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Top React Libraries For Your Understanding

Take a peek at the best 20 React libraries before you start your next React project. They may help you develop some outstanding UI apps.

For JavaScript apps, Redux is a resource management solution. It’s most commonly used in conjunction with React, although it also works with other similar React frameworks.

For Redux, it’s now able to link all components directly to the whole data. That eliminates the need for call-backs or hooks.


For JavaScript apps, Redux is a resource management solution. It’s most commonly used in conjunction with React, although it also works with other similar React frameworks.

For Redux, it’s now able to link all components directly to the whole data. That eliminates the need for call-backs or hooks.


Create React App

Create React App is a command-line utility that requires no development settings. Moreover, it encourages you to create your own standard and guides you through the app development process.

There is no complexity because you just need a build dependency. To Create React App contains layers of ESLint, Webpack Babel, and other features that make it more suitable for small web apps.

react app


This set of fundamental components is designed to help you create a reliable user interface. It has user-defined sizes and design limitations.

Rebass is all about rapid design and development, with a dimension of under 4KB. Through its compliance with Theme UI and best-in-class assistance for theming, Rebass aspires to be useful, basic, extendable, unobjective, and themeable.


Ant Design

This component library stands out because of its diverse and unique client base. It also enables you to layer your UI components, resulting in a more pleasant user experience. This is one of the React libraries consisting of NPM, Webpack, Babel, Dora, and DVA.

It also enables you to layer your UI components, resulting in a more pleasant user experience. This well-liked UI React library makes integration a breeze and supports ES6.

ant design

Tailwind UI

Tailwind UI is a fully configurable UI library, built on a low-level CSS foundation for ReactJs. It provides utility classes (in-built classes) rather than in-built components, which eliminates the need to override styles. Furthermore, adopting Tailwind UI eliminates the need to develop from scratch.

This adaptable UI framework allows you to reuse styles in your code. Also, its JavaScript setting provides a prospective programming language’s feel and functionality.


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Fabric React

Fabric Office UI Fabric is another name for React. It is now well-known for its native support for Fluent UI components in React-based apps. Front-end language modules such as ES6+, Webpack, and CSS are to support React-Fabric (SASS). The Fabric core comes up with SASS components and CSS classes, giving you access to a broad selection of colors, animations, and other effects.

fluent ui

Styled Component

Styled components are a new approach for React. It offers component-level styling of applications using a CSS-in-JS technique that combines JavaScrip with CSS. To put it another way, it is the successor to CSS modules. Moreover, it aims to improve visual style. As a consequence, creating frontend UIs using React has become more customizable to meet specific needs.

styled components

React DND

DnD stands for React’s Drag-and-Drop interface. It allows users to choose visual items and move them to any desired spot on the device screen using grabbing and gesture-based user interaction. In fact, React DnD is based on the HTML5 drag-and-drop API and runs on Redux.

It gives you the tools you need to create intricate drag-and-drop interfaces. For example, Trello without impacting data transmission or application state continuity. In most circumstances, this API is the library of choice for creating drop events.

react dnd


Grommet is a component library designed for online applications that are mobile-first, approachable, and responsive. It supports screen reader tagging, keyboard navigation, and atomic design techniques, among other things.

It also includes a large number of SVG icons. Twilio, Samsung, HP, Boeing, Uber, and Netflix are just a few of the huge companies that have used Grommet to create their online apps.

Material UI

With the support of Google, this set of components carries out their popular Material Design. Material UI has almost 67000 stars on Github. That makes it the most popular UI package among all React libraries.

It’s easy to use, light, stylish, and straightforward. Developers have been using it for a while, but it has grown in popularity as a result of regular improvements.

React Spinner

React Spinner, unlike other React libraries, offers something unique. It consists of Halogen-powered loading spinners. It’s an amusement element that keeps visitors engaged as the website loads, preventing them from feeling compelled to leave, resulting in a better user experience. Mainly, React Spinner includes over 20 React loaders available for all users.

React Desktop

This library seeks to replicate the desktop experience for developers on the web. This feature distinguishes React Desktop since it produces an exact replica of the desktop experience.

You may accomplish this using JavaScript to create true desktop programs and give them a new look or feature. React Desktop is recommended for creating desktop apps with little or no effort.

Semantic UI React

UI with semantic React libraries are a jQuery-free React UI component toolkit. It is used in leading organizations like Netflix and Sublime Fund.

It adheres to an adaptable React Ecosystem since it is a descriptive API. Shorthand props, on the other hand, alleviate the strain of fast coding.

semantic ui react


The React components in Blueprint are primarily intended for use in desktop apps. These components are especially well-suited to the creation of data-dense and complicated user interfaces.

You may use code to create and display icons from the component library, select time zones, communicate with times and dates, and more.

React DnD

DnD demonstrates React’s Drag-and-Drop interface. It allows users to choose visual items and then move them to an appropriate spot on the device screen using gesture and grabbing-based user interaction.

React DnD with the HTML5 drag and drop API that uses Redux internally. It provides the necessary capabilities for creating complicated drag-and-drop interfaces like Trello. While maintaining data consistency and transfer in the app state. Furthermore, in most circumstances, this API is the most appropriate library for creating drop events.

Styled Component

Styled Components is a CSS utility that makes your React project run more smoothly. This package enables you to construct reusable, tiny components that are crucial to your application’s design.

When using traditional CSS, you may run into the problem of selectors being overwritten in unexpected locations on the page. Developers may avoid this difficulty thanks to Styled Components, which allow them to use CSS syntax directly inside all components.

React Virtualized

This fantastic React package is designed to analyze tabular data and huge lists in a very specific way. If you have a lot of components or wish to evaluate several columns in one table, this is a valuable library.

An autosizer, a multigrid, an arrowkeystepper, a columnsizer, a cellmeasurer, and other components of React Virtualized are among the components. This flexible and one-of-a-kind React library is designed to meet your tabular requirements.


This well-known cartoon Spring setup is used by the React libraries to describe the animation. As a result, your problems about complications and length are alleviated.

React-motion additionally uses stiffness, damping, and accuracy algorithms to improve the flow of development inside React components. The React-Spring API connects declarative and imperative methods. Additionally, you may anticipate a shared, safe transition.

React BootStrap

React Bootstrap allows you more freedom over how you reuse and integrate UI components than any other UI toolkit. It is pre-built using Bootstrap components and provides a smooth user interface.

It provides back the old thrill of utilizing compatible Bootstrap themes when combined with Bootstrap CSS. Utilizing reusable and quicker coding methodologies, developers may code faster and more accurately.

react bootstrap

React Intl

Every language has its own set of norms and traditions. It’s difficult to apply such distinctions to multinational applications, So introducing React Intl. FormatJS serves as the foundation for React-Intl.

Yahoo created this open-source library to make internationalization as straightforward as possible. It includes quick components and an API for formatting dates, strings, and integers, as well as handling pluralization.

Evergreen UI

Evergreen UI is a set of React design components for enterprise-grade online applications. It’s incredibly versatile because it comes with React Primitive.

From typography, basic layouts, icons, and colors to function-based features like toggles, dropdowns, feedback indications, and file uploads, it includes a wide range of tools and components. After you’ve installed the Evergreen package, you can also choose the elements you want to incorporate.


State management is simple and effective using the MobX library. Any React library focuses on preventing developers from changing the state, but MobX has a unique feature that assures that everything is extracted.

It responds to every observable attribute found at the moment of the defined function implementation. MobX and React collaborate, and they’re both quite powerful when they operate together. MobX aids in the updating and storing of app states.

React Admin

React Admin is a tool for building B2B admin apps using REST/GraphQL APIs that may be tweaked by hand. Redux, React Router, React Final Form, and Material UI is among the prominent projects in its development.

react admin

Bottom line

We’ve covered all the most popular React libraries that developers can use while building robust apps and the web. It is a bit complex but once you know the thick and thin, you will simply utilize it in your daily task as per your need.

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