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12 Best WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins

WooCommerce Development is an open-source, customizable eCommerce plugin that works with WordPress CMS. It also helps to make your WordPress website into an eCommerce website platform by giving all eCommerce essentials functionalities.

WooCommerce is basically a plugin that can integrate with your WordPress website and revamp it by adding all types of essentials such as filters, sortings, search bars, cart software, live chat, real-time calculations, payment gateways, etc.

With all these essentials that you may find in other competitive eCommerce service providers, today I will help you to explore multiple plugins that can enhance the visibility of your product. Your WooCommerce website is more impactful by adding WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins that support real-time product design services.

What if the users get access to design their products? Don’t you think it’s cool? In the eCommerce sector, various cutting-edge technologies are offered to focus on client satisfaction.

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Let customers create their own goods. You may discover a number of plugins to assist you. Today, we are discussing the top WooCommerce product designer plugins for your store.

Product Designer For WooCommerce

Product designer is another WooCommerce plugin that lets users design their own products. It provides a personalized user experience throughout the buying journey and fulfills customers’ needs by providing what they want. Since Product Designer allows adding various price ranges, it will also benefit retailers as they can charge for individual products for any extra customization.

It also improves customer user experience, increases revenue growth, and attracts new prospects and customers. This plugin is compatible as it provides unique features for customizations such as:

  • Ready-to-use product bases
  • customization of the edit zone for each product base.
  • Design save for later.
  • Allow customization such as product color, size, fonts, text, etc.
  • Quality printings and text formation.
  • The price of this WooCommerce product designer is $99.
WooCommerce product designer plugin - product designer

KILB Product Designers

KILB is one of the WooCommerce product designer plugins that allows users to create their own designs of shirts, banners, bags, cups, etc. Users can also customize images and text fonts and even upload their pictures. It is a paid WooCommerce product designer plugin with a reasonable charge of $299.00 annually.

The customizability allows users to:

  • Size of your product (height plus width).
  • The area’s dimensions and location for design.
  • Customers can select from a variety of text colors.
  • The consumer has a selection of clip art.
  • The buyer may choose from a variety of background pictures.

KILB is compatible with other WooCommerce product designer plugins as it performs amazingly at JavaScript Framework: Vue.Js. Moreover, the plugin functions well on PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The process will always be the same. It is entirely responsive.

WooCommerce product designer plugin - KILB


The Product Designer for WooCommerce by Design’N’Buy combines the strength of product customization with the top eCommerce platform.

Additionally, you may offer personalized things like t-shirts, hats, mugs, greeting cards, and more with the help of this WooCommerce product designer, which is available to online printers.

Your clients can easily create a custom product and place an order from the convenience of any device, thanks to the direct integration of this WooCommerce Custom Product Designer into your shopping cart software.

You may also provide editable templates for different goods your clients can customize and buy if you want to allow for personalization. You are completely free to decide which goods and how many you want to sell online.

Another feature is the brand color scheme that can add to your printing pallets. Additionally, they have the choice of using a live quotation calculator, which enables them to calculate the cost of the printed items.

When you pick Design’N’Buy for WooCommerce, personalization of the products is not the only option. You can accomplish a lot with your online print shop as well.

WooCommerce product designer plugin - DesignNBuy


PH WooCommerce Product Addon

Design and sell customizable products with PH WooCommerce product add-on brought to you by ProductHive. Users can use controls like checkboxes, dropdowns, multi-select options, color palettes, color sliders, date and time pickers, radio buttons, and input fields like text, text areas, numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. This plugin adds more product choices to your WooCommerce items.

The control choices have a cost as well as a set of logical conditions. The degree to which you may now modify your products is unrestricted. Before making purchases, your clients may customize their items with this plugin in real time.

  • This plugin has a multilingual text formation facility.
  • Exceptional customer support via calls or chats.
  • Users can opt for free and premium subscriptions.
  • Customize everything you are selling, including cups, stationeries, mobile covers, shirts, etc.
WooCommerce product designer plugin - PH WooCommerce

Product Designer for WooCommerce WordPress | Lumise

It is another best WooCommerce Product designer plugin that helps to make a customizable yet engaging touch to your products. Moreover, products like cards, gift bags, and hoodies are the top-most products on which the deliverability of quality printings matters. Lumise provides quality printings and designs with optimum satisfaction.

Curved text, mask layer, photo effect, etc., are the worth mentioning features of this WooCommerce product designer plugin. It also offers a flexible edit zone for different products and supports a number of file types, including PNG, SVG, and JPG.

  • Easily assist your consumers in product design.
  • Supports several product categories.
  • Sophisticated features and pre-designed templates.
  • Available free Lumise theme.
  • This plugin’s Regular License costs 64 dollars.

MyStyle Custom Product Designer

Users may create their own items with the assistance of a live preview. Produce print files for orders, produce photorealistic goods, and adhere to high-resolution requirements.

As a result, you can customize selective goods like phone covers, t-shirts, canvas prints, and other items with the MyStyle plugin. MyStyle Platform with Amazon S3 may be used to host the client designs in the cloud.

  • Add custom fonts, patterns, and hues, upload photographs, and employ text transition effects.
  • Easily integrate WooCommerce items and add them directly to the shopping cart.
  • Create items instantly on the website, then print picture files that meet your particular requirements.
  • offers a free basic plugin. However, the developer version has a monthly fee of $8.25.
WooCommerce product designer plugin - MyStyle

Zakeka Product Designer

To customize products, utilize the Zakeke Product Designer for WooCommerce. Thus, by making this option available on your website, you may improve traffic, sales, and income. Installation and setup are simple. Once enabled, you must make an inventory of items that may be customized and publish them. It supports items like apparel, jewelry, and shoes.

Customers may also utilize the millions of integrated Premium high-quality photos created by outstanding designers or submit their own images.

  • Make a collection of vector clipart for users to pick from.
  • Users may simply add and update text.
  • Allows buyers to examine a 3D preview of their personalized items in real time.
  • Set various costs for every customisation.
  • Responsive across all platforms.

Bottom Line

The above round-ups of WooCommerce Product designer plugins will help you integrate your online store and deliver your customer a better experience by making customized products.

All in all, the information we have provided in this post may really assist you in your search for the top WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins. By employing captivating pictures that have been professionally edited and customized, each feature and capability may increase your web profile and bring in new customers.

However, there are other multiple best WooCommerce product designer plugins that can be variable for your WordPress development but having a professional WooCommerce developer can help you understand the need of your site.

Having budget-friendly solutions for your WooCommerce site is more important, so don’t invest in the wrong stuff. Get a consultation with MMCGBL – a professional WooCommerce development company, and hand over your next project to them.

FAQs related to WooCommerce Product Designer Plugins

What are plugins?

Plugins are third-party software that can integrate into your software to enhance functionalities. For example, if you are writing blogs on WordPress and need an SEO tool to analyze the SEO score, you need WordPress-offered add-ons/plugins related to SEO by installing. It works by downloading and activating, and setting the entire plugin as you want.

How can we add WooCommerce Plugins?

It is a long way to get started with WooCommerce development and its plugins. First, you have to start with WordPress and then activate WooCommerce functionalities. Read the full guide!

Why do I need to hire WooCommerce experts?

Investing in low-quality products can cost you in the future. But once you invest in the right product with the right resource, you will get long-term revenue generation opportunities. Similarly, to make your online store compatible with this cut-throat market, you will have to hire professionals to kick-start your business if you are struggling to find wooCommerce developers. No, look further. MMCGBL is here to get your back in every step.

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