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10 Best Book Mobile Apps for Book Lovers

Mobile app development trends revolve around different sectors and building apps with many engaging activities. As technology advances, education and learning are also leveraged by building apps for readers. Yes, you heard it right! Now book lovers can get book mobile apps to read, read and read!

Readers can enjoy a huge book collection using apps with multiple other features. In fact, the developers for mobile app development are very smart. They research every project and audience to identify the need for features for specific apps. When developing book mobile apps, developers add all features and functionalities that are must to have.

Even they build excellent user interfaces for book mobile apps to provide a better user experience. If you want to develop these types of apps or any other, then the MMCGBL is the better option. We would love to initiate different projects for every business growth, no matter whether the project is for SMBs or enterprise level.

Our developers are proficient enough to get the ideas, understand the audience’s needs and build a mobile application full of features and functionalities. So, do you have any idea to build an app so everyone can use it and get benefits as well as you can earn money? Let’s get started!

10 Book Mobile Apps For Every Book Lovers

Goodreads – Rich Feature Book Mobile App

Book Lovers-Goodreads book app
  • Goodreads book app is informative with multiple rich features.
  • Good recommendations and reviews, and also enjoy friend-suggested books.
  • Goodreads contains approx a billion books and has 40 million users.
  • A huge collection of best-selling books throughout the year.
  • Readers can also enjoy quotes for free.
  • In addition, you can add your reviews about your book.
  • One of the finest features is the book barcode scanner to scan book pages and add them to the “to read” list.
  • It is available for Android, iOS, and browsers.
  • You can also avail free subscription plan.

Amazon Kindle – Exceptional and Most Popular Book Mobile App

Amazon Kindle book app
  • Amazon Kindle is one of the finest and most popular book mobile apps with a neat user interface.
  • The experience is also outstanding if the amazon account is integrated with Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime Reading.
  • Readers can highlight the text while reading a book and use a dictionary to search for vocabulary.
  • Amazon Kindle also uses translation features to discover different language words.
  • It is available for all platforms, including iOS, Android, and browsers.
  • Readers can create free accounts but have to pay for books.
  • One of the finest features is page flip—the book navigation tool for managing bookmarks and getting a birds-eye perspective of your book.

Blinkist – Book Mobile App With Listening and Reading Feature

Book Lovers-Blinkist mobile app
  • Blinkist is also one of the popular book mobile apps full of advanced features.
  • It is one of the best who is a newbie in reading books and recently started learning dynamic subjects.
  • Blinkist has more than 3000 best-sellers, and furthermore, the readers can save books offline as well.
  • It is available for iOS and Android platforms with paid subscriptions.
  • The 7-day free trial is also good news for book readers.
  • One of the finest features of Blinkist is listening and reading mode. You can easily use whatever you want.

Libby by OverDrive – Welcoming for Old Books Library

Book Lovers-Libby by overdrive
  • Libby by OverDrive allows readers to have good old books again in your collection.
  • Within a second, you can borrow any book and start reading it.
  • If the Libby account is integrated with Amazon, you can enjoy an audiobook collection in your virtual library.
  • It is available for iOS, Android, and Amazon.
  • The free subscription is also available for all readers.
  • If anyone misses physical libraries and old books, they can simply join Libby by OverDrive.

Wattpad – Coolest iOS Users

Wattpad app for book lovers
  • It is one of the coolest book mobile apps for iOS users with an intuitive user interface.
  • Wattpad allows readers to show their writing talent by writing your story, article, or even giving a review about any book.
  • Readers can also connect with people, make friends, and share books and stories.
  • It can also be easy to access with iOS, Android, and the web.
  • Moreover, The subscription plan is free to all users.
  • You might join the community to connect with your club of particular interest.

Audible – For Audible Book Lovers

Audible book app for readers
  • The best audiobook recommendation is Audible.
  • Its library is quite large, and its service is extremely versatile.
  • Thanks to its Audible Originals, the imaginative series offering from the Amazon team, Audible is a frequent participant in lists of the top book mobile apps.
  • Additionally, the software works with a wide range of formats, including mp3s, PCs, tablets, smart home devices, Amazon items, smartphones, and smart home devices.
  • Furthermore, it can easily be available on Android, Windows Phone, Kindle, Fire TV, iOS, and Android.
  • With a 30-day free trial to download one audiobook, the monthly subscription is $14.95.
  • You may hear an author reading from their own work. Amazon also welcomes a Hollywood start for this.

EPIC! – Most Engaging Book Mobile App

Epic! Book App
  • For readers under the age of 12, Epic presents itself as the best online library.
  • With its age-based library selection, books for language study, and content in audio and video formats, it has all fascinating features that made it one of the exciting book mobile apps for book lovers in this area.
  • It’s a fantastic option for parents who wish to encourage reading in their kids.
  • It is available for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Epic! is one of the most engaging books mobile apps as it has quizzes at the end of the book.
  • The subscription plan is $7.99/month and Free for educators.

SCRIBD – A Huge Collection for Book Readers

Book Lovers-Scribd App
  • The complete platform SCRIBD will enable you to read considerably more than just books.
  • This service is for you if you like hearing professional perspectives, listening to piano music, and learning about the news.
  • The vast collection combines Audible and Kindle Unlimited’s greatest qualities.
  • One of the top book-lovers applications, compatible with iOS and Android, is the result.
  • It is available for Android, iOS, and web users.
  • The pricing plan is $8.99/month with a 30-day free trial.
  • The massive library houses books, magazines, papers, sheet music, and audiobooks, among other things.

Litsy – A Social Media For Book Lovers

Book Lovers-Listy mobile app for book
  • Each aspect of the app Litsy allows promoting social interaction.
  • Your friends, favorite writers, and well-known influencers’ “reading moments” are visible to you.
  • Thanks to the in-app community, you may interact with other users while reading books.
  • Additionally, you may directly communicate with them your book-related opinions.
  • The listy app is available for Android and iOS platform
  • This top Android app for book lovers allows you to establish groups with other users. Also, hashtags are supported.

Shelfie – A Virtual Bookshelf

Book Lovers-shelfie app
  • This application is perfect for you if you’re the kind of person who always purchases books from different bookstores.
  • You may also explore books on Shelfie and organize your previously purchased samples and reading notes in one platform.
  • Your library is instantly accessible whenever you wish, thanks to the app’s syncing with additional devices.
  • Likewise, abstain from purchasing anything that wasn’t on your list of books to acquire.
  • This book mobile app is also available on iOS and Android with a free subscription.

FAQs For Developing Book Mobile Apps

Question: Is it beneficial to develop educational apps?

Answer: Why not? Education is one of the important aspects for all and no one denies this fact. To make ease in the education sector, these types of apps are very productive for readers and students.

Question: Can we earn with Books mobile app?

Answer: Of course yes! With any kind of mobile app development, you can earn money by adding a subscription plan, running ads, and other options. Read more: How To Earn Money With Game App Development – 6 Insane Ways!

Question: Do you want to own your app in a cost-effective way?

Answer: Yes, you can hire MMCGBL proficient developers to initiate your mobile app development that is well-designed, flawless development, and cost-effective.

Bottom Line

Book mobile apps are now revolving around the world and help to learn more things from one platform. In addition, when people download apps, they unintentionally engage with them. In fact, book mobile apps are useful for any kind of persona, but the rich feature and functionalities are the way to engage every type of user. 

Moreover, if you are very keen to have this app and want to launch your own to make people’s ways easy to read and discover new things, talk to us.

We will help you to build competitive mobile application development to stand out in the crowd. Also, if you have any idea that can work for you, then we are welcome to execute under the professional and expert application developers. 

Anyone who can relate to application development has significantly known how vast technology is and what we can do with it. 

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