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How To Build A Freelance App: Top Features For Best Freelance Marketplace Development

Freelancing opens the door for students and professionals to earn money by showing their skills and experience without being employed in any on-site office. It is a huge opportunity for people who want to engage in part-time employment and earn money for savings. To do so, why not give them an easy freelance marketplace by launching a Freelance app?

Let me tell you a secret – Give people a way to earn, and then you can make for yourself with their earnings!

Providing a handy freelance marketplace can help entrepreneurs and students a way to polish their skills and create a well-experienced profile by completing projects on time. In fact, you can provide a fully managed freelance app to build strong freelance app monetization. Develop a handy mobile application as a freelance marketplace to make these ideas beyond your expectations.

How To Build a Trusted Freelance Marketplace

Building a platform needs multiple features and functionalities. Meeting the expectation of clients can help you gain clients’ trust and build a strong profile after getting reviews. Gaining trust is such a hectic thing you can do in freelancing. 

Your profile must be authentic, your portfolio must be genuine, and you have gained feedback from previous clients that can boost your whole profile. With all of these components and more, you need a platform where you can find a trusted employer or project owner. 

You can find multiple freelancer web application platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork,, etc., where people post their projects, and freelancers bid on them to win the project. Moreover, these web apps are rich-feature and functionalities, making them popular in the freelance field.

A freelance app like Fiverr is the most sought-after application that requires trusted eyes where people do not get scared by posting the project or providing their services. Let’s see what features you can add to build a trusted freelance app!

Some Prominent Features Of Freelance Application

Freelance applications mainly consist of two sides of users: employer as well as freelance. Deciding favorable features by keeping both of their needs in mind. Let’s start!

User-Friendly User Interface

First and foremost, the attention goes to the user interface to make your app engaging and attractive. A sophisticated user interface can easily navigate the end user to their desired destination, which makes them familiar with the app in less time. The more your UI is streamlined, the more you can deliver an exceptional experience. 

Advanced Search Functionality

Establishing advanced search functionalities can increase the chances of getting perfect and top-ranked employees for your project development. To make your search feature more advanced, you can add voice search, autocomplete keywords based on frequent searches, recommend services according to user profile, etc. 

Customized Filters

To refine searches without consuming much time, you must add a customized filter feature. It helps freelancers and project owners to specify their preferences as well as get instant results based on their requirements. For example, as a freelancer, I want to get an eCommerce website development project in UAE. I must select the intended industry, country, region, and service. By selecting all the specifications, the search result is refined and on point.

Integrated Communication Gateway

To collaborate on a project, you need to introduce a chat feature in your freelance app so clients and freelancers can communicate to close the deal. It must be end-to-end encrypted and ensure security so that both parties can discuss the project. 

Secure Payment System

It is one of the most sought-after features in freelance apps that must be secure and trusted. Making your freelance app with multiple payment gateways can open the door to selling your services globally. Many trusted payment gateways exist, such as Stripe, Zoho, and Paypal. To escape from fraudulent and fake clients or freelancers, you can integrate a third-party API that works as a middleman to keep your earning secure. They are responsible for releasing the payment when the project is delivered, or a particular condition has been met.

Multi-Lingual Support System

Freelancing encourages freelancers to serve their services worldwide and be their own boss by earning billions. For this, freelancers must interact with different languages, which can be difficult. To eliminate communication barriers, a multi-lingual support feature is a must! 

Project Management or Tracking

Every project must be completed in time to deliver within the quoted timeframe. To ensure this, project management tools must exist within the freelance app. It helps freelancers keep the clients in the loop so they can be aware of the project’s progress. Splitting tasks and setting the timeline allow you to achieve milestones and avoid the risk of miscommitment or conflict. 

Feedback & Reviews

This feature can boost your career or ruin your career. Feedback can help you improve your services or appreciate your work excellency. It does not apply only to the service provider, i.e., Freelancer. Providing a review for both freelancers and the client can help boost your performance. A freelancer can review or rate the working experience with the client, and the client can also do the same and tell the work quality of the project. This feature helps identify who has more experience and has actual skills to handle their field-related tasks. 

How To Build a Monetization Strategy For Your Freelance App

Freelance App Monetization

After all the struggle and investment, it’s time to get your reward!

Launching your app can help you give sustainable and higher revenue. It can happen when you have got the best monetization strategy. Let’s delve into the proven strategies that can use other freelancer marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr.

Set a figure for your commission, whether for project-based or subscription plans. Meet us to provide the exact lucrative earning estimation and get the best monetization strategy.

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Offer subscription-based packages, such as premium and standards for all or specific features and freemium with limited features. People will pay you against their subscription plan and enjoy your platform per their needs.

Online ads are another way to make money with your app. Allow freelancers to be featured in sponsored lists with flexible or fixed amounts. Your charges may vary based on multiple factors like the top of the position, specific space list, etc.

Consult a trusted mobile application monetization company like MMC Global so that you can get an effective strategy and ROI against your initial investment.

How MMC Global Help You Create Freelance App and Build Monetization Strategy

Our mobile application development is based on 7 major steps, including the core development process. It includes research analysis, competitor analysis, UI UX design, development, testing, deployment, and launching. We have successfully completed 950+ projects by staying with this working model. 

Furthermore, we also help in App Store optimization and monetization strategy by professionals and experts. Contact us for in-depth details about your next project, whether a Freelance app, gaming app, or any other mobile application development. 

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