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15 Best Offline Music Apps for Both Android And IOS

15 Best Offline Music Apps for Both Android And IOS

Mobile app development has become a worldwide trend. Companies in all domains are rushing to develop their mobile apps. Whether from the banking industry or education, they all need mobile app development. The music industry used to be a hassle, but now it has shifted to mobile apps. Millions of songs can be streamed on hundreds of apps for free.

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Top 15 Offline Music Apps

Music is the key that opens locked hearts and frees kept souls. The new advancements in digital media have completely revolutionized the entertainment industry, especially the music industry.

There are hundreds and hundreds of offline music apps available in which you can stream millions of songs for free. However, people choose to purchase premium versions of these apps.

#1.Spotify- Music and Podcast

Spotify- Offline Music App

With over 523 million music streaming subscribers, Spotify is the favourite music app. Spotify holds the number one position on iOS and Android as a music app. It offers its audience a wide range of music and podcasts, with over 70 billion songs and approximately 3.2 million podcasts. With Spotify, you can stream millions of songs and podcasts for free.

Spotify allows its users to discover new songs or find contemporary artists. One of the most appreciated features of Spotify is that you can make your playlist and share it with your friends. Although Spotify is freely available on Android and iOS, it has a premium version. At $12.99, you can easily purchase the Spotify premium version. You can download it on iOS, Android, Laptops, and even on your tablet.

Download: iOS, Android

#2 SoundCloud- Play Music & Songs

SoundCloud- iOS, Android Music App

SoundCloud is one of the free offline music apps with over 300 million tracks from 30 million artists in 193 countries. In a survey of 2020, Soundcloud was the second most searched app for music. Soundcloud has a variety of songs that you can stream online and offline. It is pretty easy to listen to songs offline on SoundCloud, as the app development has been user-friendly. SoundCloud is the best platform for emerging artists. SoundCloud is available on iOS, Android, Windows and tablets. Soundcloud is a free music app. However, its premium versions, like SoundCloud Go+, cost around $9.99 per month.

Download: iOS, Android 

#3 Youtube Music- A music world dedicated to you

Youtube Music- Music App

The next app on this list is Youtube Music. Youtube Music is a music streaming app developed by Youtube under Google. It was a complementary video streaming to now extinct Google Play Music. Youtube Music has over 70 million songs, including performances, acoustic covers, and remixes. The best feature apart from music streaming of Youtube Music is its compatibility with Google Maps, Waze, Google Assistant, and more. Youtube Music premium costs around $12.99 and is available on iOS and Android.

Download: iOS, Android

#4 Pandora- A Music Station

Pandora- Streaming Music App

Pandora is one of the most convenient offline music apps. It allows you to stream millions of songs along with 1400 podcasts. Moreover, Pandora lets users personalize the app from six new modes. New modes include My station, Crowd Faves, Deep cuts, Discovery, newly released, and artist only allows users to explore. Pandora is available in the premium version; Pandora Plus is available for $4.99, and Pandore Premium is available for $9.99. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Download: iOS, Android

#5 Deezer- Music Companion

Deezer- High Fidelity Music App

Although multiple offline music apps are available, Deezer has made its impact. Along with a wide tracklist of 90 million songs, it also allows users to identify songs. Deezer has a unique sleep function that stops the music when it is time for you to sleep.

With high-fidelity sounds, unlimited skips, no ads, and offline music Deezer has one of the ideal music apps. Deezer has two versions apart from primary and free, Deezer premium, and Deezer family, which cost $10.99 and $17.99. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Download: iOS, Android

#6 Amazon Music- Discover Songs

Amazon Music- Discovering Offline Music App

After acing the E-commerce field, Amazon has also taken over the entertainment industry with its two significant apps; Amazon Prime and Amazon Music. Just like any other music streaming app, Amazon Music is also available in both free and paid versions. The free version seems to hassle with the ads and a few restrictions. However, the paid version relieves all such hassles. Amazon Prime users can use Amazon Music for just $8.99 per month. However, non-prime customers will have to pay $9.99 per month.

With over 55 Million users worldwide, Amazon Music is seriously competing with its tiers.

With premium-quality audio, an easy-to-use interface, and unlimited skips, Amazon Music is one of the best music streaming apps available on iOS and Android.

Download: iOS, Android

#7 JetAudio- An Equalizer

JetAudio- Offline Music App

JetAudio is one of the most versatile song players among our list of best music apps for music streaming. JetAudio compresses the music files to reduce the storage music takes on your phone.

JetAudio is a music streaming app with 32 equalizer presets that provide an extensive array of listening experiences and ten bands. Moreover, you can control its playback speed, crossfading, and much more. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Download: iOS, Android

#8 Tidal- High Fidelity Music Streaming

Tidal- High quality Music App

Although, among the music streaming apps Spotify and SoundCloud are leading the charts. Still, many apps with great potential and additional features are making their way. Tidal has become a known music streaming app with over 90m ad-free songs and innovative audio formats. 

Tidal also provides over 450,000 high-quality videos and sets a hand-picked playlist according to your selected artists.

Tidal is available in free and paid versions. It costs between $9.99 to $29.99 per month, depending upon the additional features you want. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Download: iOS, Android

#9 Shazam- Music Guide

Shazam- Finder, Music App

Shazam happens to be one of the oldest apps for iOS users. Shazam is not a music streaming app like its tiers. Shazam offers different features. Haven’t we all been to parties and events where Dj plays a song we like? But, for any reason, we can’t get to know it. Well, the creators of Shazam made a permanent solution to that. With just one click on the app, you will get the answer to any song being played anywhere in your surrounding. This app is available for both iOS and Android users now. Although Shazam is free, it has a premium version of around $5.

Download: iOS, Android

#10 Audiomack- Stream New Music

Audiomack- Offline Music Streaming App

Audiomack allows users to download and stream music for free. With a playlist filled with millions of tracks, Audiomack opens the platform for all genres of music lovers. You can listen to all new and old songs on one platform. Audiomack doesn’t charge a dime to the artists who upload their songs. However, it also has a premium version that costs around $4.99 per month. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Download: iOS, Android

#11 Poweramp- Music Player

Poweramp- Music player app

Most of the apps on our list are for Android and iOS. However, there is an app exclusive for Android users; Poweramp. Poweramp is a music player app available on google play as a trial version and paid.

This app provides multiple features that enhance the experience of its users. Features like 10+ band graphical equalizers for all supported formats and up to 32 bands supported are pretty prominent.

It also provides its users Chromecast support, crossfade, replay gain, and many other features.

It also supports several file formats, including MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC, and many others.

Download: Android

#12 Pulsar

Pulsar- Offline Streaming app

Pulsar is the biggest competitor of Poweramp. Although both the apps are famous for bringing a massive variety of functionalities, Pulsar has the edge over Poweramp. Pulsar offers support to Google Chromecast while also being integrated to last.FM.

In Pulsar, you can give commands and control the app through your voice. You can control playback speed and also include lyrics to your favourite songs. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Download: iOS, Android

#13 Apple Music

Apple Music- Modern Offline Music App

Apple Music is a complete app for music lovers, especially iOS users. It has a music library with more than 75 million songs that users can access offline. Apple Music uploads all new music soon after its release.

Moreover, users have unlimited access to the radio. Apart from all, Apple Music has a user-friendly interface. Hence, users can easily stream songs and make as many playlists as they want.

#14 Rocket Music Player

Rocket Player-  Oldest Music App

Rocket Player is one of the oldest offline music streaming apps. You can customise this app with a 10-band equalizer, many preset options, and various themes.

This app is accessible on the Play store but has a premium version. With only $0.99, you can get the premium version, remove all the ads, and get better quality music. This app is exclusive to android.

Download: Android

#15 AIMP

AIMP- Friendly Music App

AIMP is a music player that allows users to make creative edits and apply different equalizations. AIMP can easily play all the stored songs on a device in multiple formats, like MP3, OGG, WMA, and many others.

You can listen to many songs as AIMP has an outstanding 29 frequency equalizer. With the most user-friendly interface and easy-to-operate format, AIMP is the perfect offline music streaming app for you.

It is only available for android users.

Download: Android

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