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10 Mobile Apps For Dogs That Any Dog Lover

I was amazed when I saw a massive number of mobile apps for dogs. I am just thinking about how technology makes our ways so streamlined and burdenless by building effective and useful apps for daily use. From instant food delivery apps, online stores, and now mobile apps for dogs or other pet animals to taking care of their everyday life, technology is now more humble in such ways.

If you are a dog lover, you know how much care they need to grow constantly. Managing their daily activities, food and diet, training and fitness, trackers and monitoring, and other related jobs is cumbersome. But with mobile apps for dogs, you can now imagine the ease and feasibility of managing them by maintaining their health.

It is not a big deal if you are considering making your personalized app just for your pets. At MMCGBL, we welcome different ideas for building apps and must have the motive of making people’s life easy. Our professional developers are highly qualified to build apps with industry-specific features and functionalities. If you want an app per your requirement or maybe for pets like I am going to share, then see our portfolio and decide about building mobile apps with us.

Here is the list of mobile apps for dogs to look after your baby dog’s needs and take care of stuff.

10 Mobile Apps For Dogs Care

FitBark App

  • Fitbark app is a mobile app for dogs that helps users control dogs’ activities.
  • It also helps make dogs super active and healthy as s personal caretakers.
  • The main features that make this app’s users are a safe place alarm, monitoring of behavioral changes, emergency tracking mode, and control of anxiety levels.
  • In addition, this app is also an informative app regarding the skin condition of dogs. You can learn about the gradual changes in a dog’s skin and stay updated.
  • With FitBark App, users can improve dogs’ overall health and diet and streamline and track daily activities.
  • It is an online app to save safe zones, GPS to navigate dogs to specific regions, monitor behavior, burn calories, and more.
  • FitBark mobile app for dogs is available for FREE on Android and iOS platforms with a rating of 4.7 stars.
  • Download from here: iOSAndroid
FitBark App

BarkHappy App

  • BarkHappy is another mobile app for dogs that lets dog lovers know more about dogs and give them a healthy, wealthy life.
  • Dog lovers can explore how to provide a friendly environment and create extra vigilance to apply all dog-related facts.
  • By establishing your pet’s profile, you may find dog-friendly locations, connect with dogs in your area, attend dog-related events, and even create your own by inviting other app users.
  • The aim of building this app is to provide a great space for dog lovers who want to take their dogs anywhere where they go.
  • It helps to train dogs and make them comfortable in a new environment.
  • BarkHappy is a free Android and iOS app with 3.6 ratings. It is also available for in-app purchases.
  • Download from here: iOSAndroid
BarkHappy app

Puppr App

  • If you are looking for a mobile app for dogs that can help you train your dogs, finally, the puppr app has been built for all dog lovers.
  • This app contains hundreds of tricks and hacks that can help dog lovers to train their puppies or dogs.
  • Especially for beginners, who recently owned dog pets, it is the final app that they can explore for dog learning.
  • Make the training and development process enjoyable with 50+ tricks suggested by America’s Got Talent Finalist Sara Carson.
  • The app user has to complete tutorials,s and at the end of the completion, the user earns badges.
  • Puppr App is available on iOS and Android for free.
  • You can avail of in-app purchases to get accessories, equipment, and more resources.
  • Download from here: iOSAndroid
puppr app for dogs

GoodPup App

  • GoodPup is another app for dog training that encourages app users to learn engaging activities to play with their dogs.
  • Dog lovers and dogs can get certified trainers, the best training sessions, and a training environment.
  • Trainers will guide and illustrate the detailed information and explain training objectives.
  • In fact, when a dog keeps learning new things, they act and behave like a good-mannered dog. And this app is all it can do for dogs.
  • Responding to commands, avoiding bad behaviors, playing, and even socializing with other people is the result of GoogPup training sessions.
  • With a rating of 3.7, it is available for ioS and Android platforms.
  • Download from here: iOSAndroid
goodpup mobile apps for dogs

Tractive Dog Walk App

  • Tractive encourages dog lovers to walk with dogs fearlessly.
  • The term Tractive is the combo of “track” and “active” that allows dog lovers to keep a check on activeness, time, distance, and exercise patterns.
  • One more feature that is an all-time favorite for all dog lovers is the image-sharing feature. You can share photos of your pet with your friends and family.
  • The dog owners can make your dog pee and poo trained and track the time of their timings when they go to get free and fresh.
  • The application also makes use of Geolocation and its hardware to enable real-time tracking of your dog’s position.
  • The Tractive mobile app for dogs is one of the finest apps, with a rating of 4.7.
  • Moreover, it is available on iOS and Android platforms for free.
  • Download from here: iOSAndroid
mobile apps for dogs

Bottom Line

These 5 mobile apps for dogs are the most commonly used by dog lovers. You can find more apps such as paid first aid, WeRescue Dog, Whistle dog tracker, Chewy Dog App, etc.

If you want an app and are looking for a leading company, then we are here to discuss it. However, we can also help build ERPs and web apps instead of mobile apps. Cloud apps, and much more.

FAQs Related To Mobile Apps For Pets

Do people use Mobile Apps to train their pets?

Yes, of course! People are very comfortable using mobile apps for any purpose. They continuously seek the ease that mobile provides you, whether it is for tracking pets’ health, diet, food, fun, or training materials.

How much cost does it take to build a mobile app?

It depends on adding features and functionalities, tech stack, resources, and more. If you hire a leading mobile app development company, they will give you the estimated cost with a proposal.

What are the best mobile app ideas for dogs?

The app can be:

Tracking location, meal schedule, fun and playing activities, training tutorial, camera, pet shops, dog adoption app, and more.

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