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10 Innovative Education Mobile App Ideas That Promote E-learning

In particular, the eLearning market size exceeding $315 billion in 2021 represented a turning point for education app development. Additionally, the market is anticipated to expand at a 20% CAGR from 2022 to 2028.

Phew! Now students can learn and study more engagingly by using mobile apps. The increasing number of users of mobile in Gen-Z drastically hit the ground. From using social media platforms to playing futuristic games, the provision of mobile app development overrun on Google play store and App store.

Now, the education industry also indulges in digitization, creating a big overhaul for facilitators and students. It is observed that the e-learning solutions highly motivate the students and encourage using apps for their future betterment. That is why the spike in building educational mobile apps is overgrown.

One more factor that boosts the promotion of educational mobile apps is COVID. In COVID-19, most institutions build mobile apps and admission portals and conduct classes virtually. These methods of learning were appreciated and continue in a post-COVID situation.

Educational mobile app market

However, people look forward to having more educational mobile apps. Every development of a mobile app has the aim or idea of resolving some issues and simplifying accessibility.

Similarly, educational mobile apps have some reasons the academic industry comes forward to start with digitalization. To discover more educational mobile apps or want to launch one, you can consult a mobile app development company and share your idea with them.

Moreover, you can consult MMCGBL to get innovative ideas for your educational mobile app, as we have a vast portfolio in building educational mobile apps and more.

Once you make up your mind to build a mobile app, you have a door to explore and add relevant features that make your app functional. For educational mobile apps, we have a long list of ideas that help students and facilitators to the next level.

Top Educational Mobile App Ideas to Make Learning More Fun and Exciting

The estimated global revenue for 2021 is USD 15,000 Million. 6.5% is the anticipated CAGR for 2021–2028. It means the usage of educational mobile apps circulates the world. If you claim that using educational mobile apps is not common, then you can make a difference.

Let’s have a detailed look at the ideas that rejuvenate the learning style and add extra involvement to the learners.

Admission Portal Apps

Every day, the administration deals with the same queries regarding admission policies and document submissions and manages the record of every individual student. It must be a hectic job. To make it simple and fast, you can build a mobile app that can assist every student without standing in a long queue.

Like an online admission website, you can also build a customized app that helps students throughout the learning journey. Students who are applying for studies abroad also leverage this type of app.

The app can contain policies, terms & conditions, downloadable admission forms, and updates, and you can even add a chat messenger for complex queries. Mobile apps are always the best choice for SmartPhone users.

Tutors and Live Classes App

The replacement of teachers is impossible, which is why it is a good option to provide a platform for teachers where they can teach lessons and earn money. Let’s take an example of on-demand mobile apps for food delivery. UberEats provides a platform where the maximum number of restaurant owners register their restaurants and become online food delivery service providers in multiple regions.

Similarly, you can build on-demand apps for tutors where they can register their accounts and start teaching online. Students willing to teach any subject can choose a dedicated teacher and pay monthly fees. You can also include comment sections and post reviews about teachers, payment gateways, etc., to make your app more engaging and trustworthy.

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Video/Audio Communication Solution

During COVID-19, the rise of virtual learning went viral, and students and teachers liked the way of virtual studies. For now, no one is back with this; multiple institutes have still started online curricula for students. Even students enroll in virtual universities and study in international universities by sitting in their hometowns.

The origin of virtual learning is online classes conducted by multiple applications such as Zoom, Google classroom, etc. These apps help conduct classes, share assignments, have group discussions, and much more that feel like physical classes.

Building apps based on video and conference calls, especially in learning platforms, could be helpful. You can add features like online assignment submission, calendar, scheduled classes, video and audio calls, one-on-one meeting rooms, quizzes & polls, presentation screens, and more.

Video conferencing app

App For Autistic Students

There are many stages of Autism spectrum disorder, and many stages indicate that they can easily learn, study, read, and write if they get proper attention from their facilitators. You can find thousands of special education teachers who help Autistic children worldwide.

Let’s make this simple for both of them. You can propose the idea of building an app for autistic children’s education in which you can add activities that attract them to learning, gaming-like lessons, and a bridge to interact with teachers without going to a physical class.

You can search the market to find multiple autistic patient apps, and one of the apps, “RevMe,” is also mesmerizing. This app harnesses their regular activity, helps make a social butterfly, and reminds them of their task by sending alerts. The scope of RevMe is strong and sufficient for Autistic children, and it gives a boost to app developers to build these types of apps for their ease and convenience.

Educational mobile Apps For Autistic Students

Discussion App

To examine students’ progress, quizzes and group discussions are always on the list. Making apps that give a platform in which topics are initiated for group discussion is also a good idea. You can build a discussion-based educational mobile app where students can share their points of view and suggestions to show their involvement in the studied topic.

Teachers can gauge the participation of students and give reviews and appreciation about their sentiments and perceptions. Moreover, more features can be added, such as adding questions, polls, quizzes, etc.

Gamification in Education

Another intriguing app concept is to create an educational app with a wide range of tests and activities. Students of all ages may participate in educational activities and quizzes with this program.

This application’s games and tests will include grammar, arithmetic, and general knowledge problems. Students may learn and test on the same platform, thanks to this. Additionally, all age groups of students may select games and tests based on their preferences, including the difficulty level, age group, and category.

Gamification in e-learning

Dictionary Mobile App

The Dictionary app is also one of the in-demand educational mobile apps that needs every student, English learning beginner, and non-native speaker. You can find the dictionary app on the App store and Google store. But now you can make it a more advanced and futuristic app that everyone likes!

You can build your dictionary app with more functional features by adding a search bar, multilingual searches, pronunciations, favorite lists, daily quizzes, sentence usage, and much more.

Language Learning App

Give people an opportunity to learn different languages in one app. Building language learning apps are also a better option. It can help users to understand their preferred language for their job placement, studies, and permanent residential process.

Affiliating your language app with other countries can elevate the trust and make them comfortable learning. Moreover, Native speakers can also take part in teaching their languages and earn money through it.

For example, Duolingo allows students to learn many languages online. Through enjoyable games and exercises, students may learn German and Spanish or improve their English vocabulary and grammar.

Students may learn a new language every day for just 20 minutes. This software develops lessons for each subject. Moreover, it provides 7 brand-new words and awards skill points for passing each level.

Language App

Student Community App

The concept of building a student community app exclusively only for students. It can help in many ways, such as with admission queries, exam schedules, important alerts and news, access to worldwide educational institutes, and much more.

Students can easily communicate with their age-group members, connect with university students abroad, get details, etc. Student community apps should be a must because of their effectiveness and efficiency.

Book or eBook Apps

Another educational mobile app you can build is a book or eBook application. You can make a virtual bookstore and provide an engaging platform for the readers. You can create a market-competitive app with futuristic functionalities with the latest features.

Students that use this kind of app really benefit from not having to carry about or buy books. Through this online platform, users may quickly access any book at any moment, whenever they need to read something. They may also annotate and underline within this application.

AR-Based Educational App

Let’s make learning detailed-oriented using futuristic technology — Augmented Reality (AR). This technology makes educational apps more exciting and engaging. The AR-based educational mobile app can help teachers deliver lectures on detailed illustrated images with intense magnifications, conduct experiments, and showcase sci-fi facts and figures.

Kids’ Poem and Rhymes

Smartphones not only grab the attention of elders and millennials, but kids also love to engage with them. 35.6 percent of kids spend 1 to 2 hours on their phones. The mothers play rhymes and poems on Youtube to make them learn initial words and start signing poems.

It is the best idea to build educational mobile apps based on nursery poems and rhymes. Moreover, you can add attractive characters, a list of poems in different languages, games, and much more.

Other App Ideas For Education

Many other app ideas can make a difference in the education industry. You can further build exam preparation apps, student to-do-list apps, homework reminder apps, math-problem solving apps, attendance apps, and so on.

So, Are you Ready to Build Your Apps?

It is worth building apps for the education industry as we can see the vast scope of it. There is a long way to go for e-learning and the development of any user age. You can provide a robust platform enabling them to access multiple resources, teachers, and international universities.

If you want to hire a mobile app development team to build educational mobile apps, then you are in the right place. We have a proven record of delivering B2B and B2C projects for different industries, including healthcare, Fashion & beauty, education, government-level, etc. Let’s join hands for your next project; we will provide futuristic solutions with advanced tech stacks for your educational mobile apps.

FAQs Related To Mobile Apps For Education

What are educational mobile apps?

Those applications built to promote education based on users’ learning are called educational mobile apps.

What is the cost of building educational mobile apps?

It depends on the complexity of your project and the company you outsourced your project to. With MMCGBL, we consult you with budget-friendly features that make your app more functional and viable.

What advantages do education apps offer?

Education apps offer numerous advantages, including customized educational solutions, the ability to learn at your own pace and location, instant communication with tutors, and practical expert advice.

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