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9 Amazing Mobile Apps For Breaking the Bad or Worst Habits

9 Amazing Mobile Apps For Breaking the Bad or Worst Habits

Who said mobile apps only use for businesses or making clients? Today, we have an impressive list of mobile apps that helps users get rid of unwanted or wrong habits in their lives. These types of mobile apps are effective in maintaining and balancing a lifestyle without any costly treatments.

The aim of making these mobile apps simplifies the way of living and reshapes their health if it hurts internally or externally. Moreover, using apps to break bad or worst habits can track what or what not you should be doing. The initiative of creating any app starts with the needs that ensure the market’s demand.

In addition, the developers who build apps must research the market and evaluate what kind of apps users need that fulfill their demands. Here we have some best-experienced developers who can help owners to give startup mobile app development ideas.

If you want to build mobile apps for your startups, you need consultation and guidance that helps you identify what is going on in the market. You can also solve major problems of the masses by providing the latest apps and earning money if you hit the targeted downloads and users.

If you want an experienced team to help you build these types of mobile apps that users love to use, let’s connect with MMCGBL! We have countless mobile app development ideas for your startup that helps you generate greater ROI. We have helped various startup owners and have proof of their success.

Apart from this, you can now get an idea of the following apps that are drastically utilized by the baby boomers, millennials, and Gen-Z. See how people control their bad habits and get rid of them using apps.

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9 Apps That Get Rid of From Your Bad Habits

The Forest App – Say Goodbye To Distraction and Procrastination

Are you feeling less productive, lazy, or distracted from your major goal of the day? Here is the solution for your procrastination! Forest app has a major goal that prevents you from the distraction, especially from your mobile phone.

forest mobile app

In today’s era, mobile phones are the worst distraction that makes users spend hours on them. Since Smartphone contains multiple social media platforms, gaming apps, and streaming videos, people are easily distracted by one notification. From one app to another app, they lost their interest in what they were actually doing it.

But now, no more sluggishness! Forest app is based on gamification in which the user plants a virtual tree by setting a timer for your work session (up to 2 hours) or utilizing the stopwatch. It lets you stop whenever you like after a 10-minute session; the Forest app allows you to plant a virtual tree in your “forest.”

In the virtual forest, a tree withers and dies if you access any applications (other than those you’ve expressly whitelisted) before the timer expires or after 10 minutes have passed in the stopwatch mode.

However, it has more functionalities and features, just like you can earn virtual coins and use them to unlock advanced virtual trees for your forest; the more you grow your trees in a day, the more you can increase your productivity of the day.

Download NOW:

For iOS ($3.99) | Android (Free, subscription available)

Sugarfree – Avoid Too Much Suger Consumption

Many sugar-tracking apps are useful for diabetic patients, but do you wonder if you get an app that can help you become a diabetic patient? Sugarfree is an app that allows you to consume a limited amount of sugar daily. Most meals we consume contain sugar, but you can not eliminate everything from your diet.

Mobile apps - Sugarfree

Too much sugar consumption leads you various diseases and illnesses, which is why maintaining sugar consumption is important. Sugarfree helps you to control sugar in 90 days, monitor and track your symptoms, and build new habits that are useful for your health. It also offers ZERO Sugar Challenges by giving day-to-day tasks of refraining from sugar meals.

Download NOW:

For iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

Stay Focused – Increase Your Productivity

It is another mobile app that focuses on your productivity and decreases mobile usage by blocking websites and apps. Use the Stay Focused app to block social media, emails, and text messages, as it is considered sources of distraction. Checking mobile apps again and again is not a good habit. It negatively reinforces your efficiency. As a result, it makes you dull and inactive throughout the day.

Mobile apps - stay focused

The need for this app is very significant as we are addicted to our mobile phones. The most affected generation is Gen-Z, who totally lost interest in making themselves productive. Using mobile apps like Stay Focused, you can track your productivity, get away from distractions, and much more.

Download NOW:

For Android (Free, subscription available)

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7-Minute – Exercise & Tracking App

There are two types of people: those who are very lazy when it comes to workouts. On the other hand, some people are health conscious and pretty active in their workout schedule. For both of them, the 7-minute app is an amazing app that you can imagine!

mobile apps - 7-minutes

Instead of sitting a whole day or wasting your time in front of screens, get yourself a 7 minutes workout with this app. You can keep your health fit by balancing your diet and workout at the same time. With the 7-minute app, you can try different exercises, including leg exercises, stretching, squats, etc. You can watch tutorials and learn how to make exact postures for each workout. This exercise is no longer than 7 minutes. You can take 30-day challenges and create a better shape for yourself.

Download NOW:

For iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

TalkLlife – Include Yourself in Mental Health Community

If you are going through a tough time or bad days, don’t just sit up and wait for the right time. It means you run away from the situation. Let’s spit out what you have in your mind. Talking with people makes you feel better when you feel depressed or facing anxiety issues.

Mobile app development - TalkLife

TalkLife is one of the apps that provides a mental peace community. Users can share their thoughts and connect with people with the same feelings. Pick a mood and a category to get started. Next, talk to a supportive group of genuine people and speak about how you’re feeling. You have the choice to quickly filter and locate postings based on a variety of topics, running from friendships and romantic relationships to depression and self-care.

Download NOW:

For iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Ate Food Journal – No More Bad Habits of Overeating

Overeating causes food poisoning, obesity, and other diseases. It is one of the worst habits that you can ever have. Anything that you consume excessively will be poison for you.

Mobile apps for bad habits - Ate food journal

Ate Food journal helps you to get rid of this habit. Limit yourself by using this app, and you will thank me later. In order to achieve its goals, the Ate Food Journal app encourages mindful eating, focusing on various elements like why you ate, how you felt, where you ate, and much more.

To keep track of your thoughts, activities, water intake, notes, and meals, tap Capture. After that, you may experiment with other dining methods, including putting your phone down and using smaller utensils.

Download NOW:

For iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

NailKeeper – Don’t Bite Your Nails

Nail biting seems very common in many people that are also pretty difficult to give up. They have a habit of biting their nails for no reason, which can be extremely excessive if it is not controlled. You will be amazed after knowing that biting your nails cause psychological issues as well. Additionally, it can damage the nail’s skin, spread bacterial infection in your mouth or nails, or cause dental problems.

Mobile app - Nail Keeper

Although it would seem easy to cease the habit, many people who have tried to do so have failed. But now, there is a good solution, i.e., NailKeeper, which can keep an eye on you to stop this habit. NailKeep is a user-friendly mobile app that encourages you to grow and track healthy nails. You can discover tips to avoid nail biting, follow your regular nail size, capture images to examine your nail health, etc. The users of NailKeeper rated 4.7 this mobile app because it motivates users to give up nail-biting habits.

Download NOW:

For iOS | Android  (Free, subscription available)

Sleep Monitor – Have Healthy Sleep

Insomnia and hypersomnia can harm your health. Insomnia refers to a lack of sleep, and hypersomnia refers to oversleeping: both can cause tiredness, headache, body pain, sluggishness, etc.

Mobile app for sleeping

The sleep monitor is a mobile app that can track sleeping time, maintain the pattern of sleep, and help you to set better sleeping habits. The sleep monitor mobile app analyzes a complete record of your sleep each morning, including any noises recorded throughout the night. Moreover, you can enjoy different lullaby music to get faster sleep, and in the morning, you can have a detailed analysis of sleep quality. It also records your snored voices, time, and somniloquy (talking while sleeping).

Download NOW:

For iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

My Water – Be Hydrated Every time

People forget to drink water or consume less water as required, their bodies may sink into bad health situations. Doctors recommend at least 8-10 glasses in a day, but unfortunately, some people are busy with their daily tasks and can’t keep track of their health.

Mobile app - My Water

To overcome this issue, the My water app will greatly help you. My water is one of the best mobile apps that allow you to remind to be hydrated with notifications. You may choose the frequency of your reminders. The app will then send alerts on the preferences you’ve selected. If you’ve had a drink, you may decide by tapping “Add a drink.” The app will then let you know how much you’ve consumed thus far.

The app also gives you information on the effects of insufficient hydration on your body. Additionally, by achieving particular goals, you might win rewards. Both the cue and reward parts of the habit loop will benefit from these qualities. Furthermore, upgrade to the premium version if you do not consume water, tea, or coffee. You will then be able to select from a selection of beverages.

Download NOW:

For iOS  (Free, subscription available)

Bottom Line

Mobile apps are amazing, and if these are helping you to maintain your lifestyle, these mobile apps can be caring as well. I appreciate the developers of these types of mobile apps that identify the need of users and build useful apps that no one can resist using.

You can reach out to us if you want to build mobile apps like these. We have a pile of mobile app development ideas for almost every industry. Whether you want business or healthcare mobile apps, you can find the all-one solution.

Frequent-Asked Questions For Mobile apps

How long it takes to build mobile apps?

It depends on your project and the team you hire for this. The more experience and professional your team members are, the more you can trust them for on-time project delivery. The complexity of the project is also not neglected.

How to earn money by building mobile apps?

You can launch a mobile app startup with a free application and succeed. So, whether you decide to release premium software or a free app, you may make money on both. If you decide to choose a paid one, be sure it is flawless because there is tremendous competition in the market.

Which monetization strategies are the most effective right now?

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • App Data Monetization
  • Freemium Model
  • Implementation of Virtual Currencies

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