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Best Education Apps For Kids To Make Them Engage In Learning For Hours

Parents are depressed about the excessive screen timing with the impotent content of their kids. Rather than investing time in education apps for kids, they watch irrelevant content for their age group. The increasing time spent on the smartphone also reflects on the kids’ mental health, which is not good for the future. That is why the usage of mobile in a controlled environment is necessary.

For those parents who think there is nothing for kids to entertain, you’re mistaken here. Many mobile application development companies, like MMC Global, frequently help education institutions create education apps for kids to provide an engaging and modernized learning environment. 

At MMC Global, we have a proven record of creating educational apps for kids of multiple age groups. We understand the children’s psychology and how important their mental health is. We keep everything in mind and build creative and engaging apps that are good for their mental health development and ensure they have fun using them. Our experts in child psychology, education, and app development collaborate closely to create a seamless experience that combines learning and entertainment.

If you are looking for an education app development team, you are at the right place. Before reaching out to us, we have gathered 6 best education apps for kids that they actually love and help them engage with their development-related fun activities.

6 Best Education Apps for Kids 

It is quite challenging to allocate Kids’ screen time that turns effective and less harmful. We can not deny that smartphones have a bad impact on Kids, but not keeping your children with technology also makes them uncomfortable. Sooner or later, your child gets to indulge with it, so why not help them to get connected productively? 

Let’s start! – Best For Pre-schoolers is one of the most favorite education apps for kids that includes fun activities, books, puzzles, 850+ lessons, art & colors, and lots of learning videos. You can experience more than 10,000 activities for your children. With eye-catching characters, colorful schemas, and multi-device accessibility, this app is highly competent among others. Moreover, IT HAS a progress tracker to monitor Kid’s learning and development skills. also help to interact with real-world things such as interactive farm, zoo, aquarium, customizable avatars, and much more. 

Download Now: iOS, Android, or on the Amazon App Store

Khan Academy – Best For All Age Group

Khan Academy is among the most loved by teachers, parents, and kids’ education apps. First and foremost, it is a free application for everyone without any hidden in-app purchases. You can find a vast library, informational video content, and other learning resources for all age groups. Even Khan Academy built a separate child-friendly Khan Academy Kids for 4+ toddlers. Whether your child is a preschool learner or enrolled in high school, Khan Academy rigorously takes over all informational content in one non-profit platform. 

Download Now:  iOS or Android

Epic! – Best For Book Reading Lovers

In the world of Amazon Kindle, Epic! is another popular education app for Kids who love reading every day. It contains 3500 children’s books, including fiction and non-fiction. It has an amazing feature, “read-for-me,” which helps toddlers and kids who are beginners and still not ready to read. They can easily listen instead of reading. Epic! Helps to increase interest in reading by showcasing interactive and colorful visualization

Download Now:  iOS or Android

Quick Math Jr. – Best For Elementary

This app makes maths more interesting and engaging for toddlers and kids. With the help of Quick Math Jr., parents can help their children practice mathematical questions in an interactive and fun way. It is more like a gaming app with 100+ levels containing numeric values and graphical characters so kids can easily connect with the learning process. The average rating of this app is 4, but unfortunately, it is only available for iOS users.

Download Now: iOS

Duolingo – Best For Langiage Learning

Have you ever heard that people who know 2 or more languages are smarter than those who only know one? Yes, help your child learn more languages than your native one with this education app for kids. Duolingo Kids brings language learning to life with its colorful interface and playful lessons. Young learners can embark on a journey to learn languages like Spanish, French, and more. The app uses gamification to keep children motivated and engaged as they progress through bite-sized lessons. 

Download Now: iOS or Android

Solar System Scope – Best For Space Lover

This app offers an awe-inspiring journey through space exploration. Through interactive simulations, kids can explore the solar system, learn about spacecraft, and witness historic missions. This app is a gateway to spark curiosity about science and space in an engaging manner. This app will be worthwhile for your kids to spend time on. 

Download Now: iOS, Android

Let’s Wrap Up

The above list is so limited; you can find countless education apps for kids that can keep your mental health and development paralleled. Educational apps have proven invaluable tools for fostering learning and curiosity in children. By offering a diverse array of subjects and interactive activities, these apps keep kids engaged for hours while igniting a passion for learning. Whether exploring language, delving into science, or honing math skills, the iOS and Android educational apps mentioned above empower young learners with knowledge in an engaging and entertaining manner. As parents and educators, embracing these platforms can open up a world of learning possibilities for children, making education an exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

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You can hire us to build a customized education mobile application. From designing to developing and launching, we do everything within your budget. Moreover, we understand that children grow up in a digitally connected world. With that in mind, we emphasize digital literacy and responsible technology usage. Our apps teach children about online etiquette, privacy, and the importance of balance between screen time and other activities.

But our commitment unstopped with the children – we also recognize the role of parents and caregivers. Our apps include features that allow parents to monitor their child’s progress and engagement, ensuring that the digital experience aligns with their educational goals and values. 

At the heart of our mission is the belief that learning and mental well-being go hand in hand. We strive to provide children with a platform that not only nurtures their intellectual growth but also supports their emotional and social development. Through innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of children’s needs, we continue to create apps that positively impact young minds. At the same time, they embark on their journey of growth and discovery in this modern age.

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