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White-Label AI Content Generator: Is It A Source of Generating Compelling Content?

The world has gone crazy behind the AI content generator. Almost every second person has talked about ChatGPT in previous months. And now, many of the hidden AI content generator tools come in front of the world after the hype of ChatGPT. Content that has been generated with AI-enabled software is called White labeled AI content.

For many years, artificial Intelligence was a rare technology that people knew, but in recent times, even a child can experience Artificial Intelligence while using a Youtube Kid channel.

AI extended its wings and is now one of the most-wanted technologies to automate businesses and routine tasks. Artificial Intelligence has multiple subsets that help function on numerous tasks such as Machine Learning (ML) can help analyze data, deep learning help to train the machine and provide analysis on the basis of given data, and Natural language processing to generate and understand text and words.

There are many other subsets and further in-depth functions under artificial Intelligence’s umbrella. Speech recognition, expert systems, robotics, etc., are different subsets of AI.

Similarly, content generation is one of them. Artificial Intelligence can generate content according to the instructions given to it. However, Generative AI is another subset used to create AI content generator tools.

AI Content Generator

While-label AI Content Generation – A Source of Creating Great Content

White-labeled content generation is accurate and compelling to the users. Businesses also use it on a large scale to produce day-to-day content and save hours. AI content generator tools are highly competitive in the market, and a third party usually provides them.

AI content generator tools basically work on the learning of precious content and then make their version that is compelling and attractive. It uses a mixture of advanced and nominal vocabularies, uses the right keywords, creates concepts, and generates content in its new version. Undoubtedly, it produces content in a few minutes and per your requirement.

Many white-labeled content generation tools encourage people to create AI-generated content rather than relying on human help.

Let me list down a few of the most popular AI content generator software examples for your help:


It is one of the most recent and popular AI content generator tools launched in November 2022 by Open AI. It is an open-source platform that provides users with free and premium versions. ChatGPT not only includes text but can also generate codings for software development. In addition, ChatGPT has a vast user base of approximately 30 million users who use it regularly around the globe. It gained traction in a very short time and is admired by almost every user. It can generate long and short content as per your command. You can also rephrase the content, essay generation, code scripts, image description, etc.


Jasper is another AI content generator tool that can create automated text based on the given information. It has a paid version that exceptionally works for bulk content generation. You can use it to generate new content from scratch, create product descriptions, rephrase the content, check grammar, plagiarism, etc. Moreover, it has pre-built templates for different writing styles.

It is another competitive AI content generator tool that helps users to generate content of different styles. It has a multilingual feature and can write content in approximately 25 other languages. In addition, has pre-built templates for users to write content for websites, blogs, articles, product descriptions, etc. It has a premium account that gives unlimited word limits and project creation with other add-on features.

These are a few examples of AI content generator tools, but to pick one of them, you need a quick analysis of the perks that can help you get more with less investment.

Perks of Using AI Content Generator Tool

  • It provides error-free and plagiarism-free content: no grammatical mistakes or copied content
  • AI content generator tools deliver quality content that is engaging and attractive over time
  • It maintains consistency and updated content based on figures and facts
  • For bulk content creation, it is cost-effective. Instead of hiring different types of writers, you can have an automated AI content generator tool
  • Using White-label content can be the less time-consuming approach for companies dealing with bulky content projects
  • White-label content feels like human-generated content. You can experience expressions and thoughts without realizing it is AI-generated

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Bottom Line

Content generator tools mesmerize us with their very intelligent and smart functionalities. In the past day, people were used to writing whole ledgers or long essays manually, which takes time and cost. But now, Artificial Intelligence technology simplifies the way and can produce content in a few minutes. It ultimately saves time and cost, which you can use in other tasks that Artificial Intelligence can not do. 

Moreover, Artificial Intelligence is not just booming in a content generation but is almost applicable in complex software. By associating with applications and software, you can reach your business targets, make the right decisions, create human-like communication, predict future sales, and much more.

If you are looking to implement AI in your business operation, MMC Global is the right fit for your AI team. We have SI experts and engineers with great command of AI algorithms, development, deployment, and supporting your software life-long. Let’s connect today and discuss your project.

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