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iOS App Development: 7 Trends And The Best Ways To Develop iOS Apps

iOS App Development: 7 Trends And The Best Ways To Develop iOS Apps

iOS app development is one of the IT industry’s most lucrative and well-liked areas. In fact, according to experts, by 2023, the mobile app revenue all around the world may reach about $935 billion. We know that it is an ever-evolving industry because when people’s needs change, you have to alter things as they want. In addition, people can now access over 25000 latest iOS apps launched monthly.

ios app development earnings

Considering the latest trends in iOS app development will be a great option for you if you want to maintain your position in the top industries. While if you choose not to, there’s a huge chance of you losing everything to your competitors and failing to be in the position of a second-place participant.

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But first, you need an agency that can solve the primary problem: iOS development apps. MMCGBL is just what you need! Here you will be provided with quality iOS app development services as per your demands because we implement an agile environment. So, why wait when you can avail the opportunity now to get where your competitors are? See our project that is purely based on iOS development and Android development.

Easy iOS app development trends you must know

You can avail yourself of multiple options Apple’s iOS offer to create user-friendly apps. If you want it to be simple for users to tap, swipe, and personalize their experience, the only way is to design your app with a straightforward user interface. You can also map out the app’s functionality so that users can see what it is capable of in advance.

There’s an option for you to employ different methods such as gestures and graphics to assist. Here are some significant iOS trends you may engage in 2022 and beyond.

ios trends for ios app development

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning

iOS mobile development is not unfamiliar with these terms (AI and ML). We didn’t see any thriving iOS app without face and speech recognition, recommendations to search, Siri text, image classification, and many more aspects.

All these mentioned features are necessary to develop a custom iOS app, and fortunately, they have the capability to enhance your product quality. It is the key reason why AI and ML are the core features and one among the iOS trends for 2022 and in the future.

We all are well aware of Siri (voice assistance), which reacts to your voice command. To utilize Siri’s voice control capabilities, iOS developers must incorporate Siri into their applications. For a fact, they have been doing this since 2016.

However, it only operates in specific domains, or you can say that according to user intent. The list for user intent goes like text messages, exercise, weather and radio, ride booking, hotel booking and reservations, and location; these are the domains available to its developers.

Moreover, Apple launched yet another technology for revised iOS mobile app development known as core ML. The framework enables developers to incorporate ML models (messages, images, videos, sound, and tabular) in iOS apps to anticipate related to the latest information capture.

The concept uses machine learning potential to develop applications for all Apple products.

Also, if you are interested in learning about AI mobile apps for both platforms (iOS and Android), you should see the article: 5 Outstanding AI Mobile Apps For iOS And Android Platforms.

iOS app security measures

Security factors may rank last among the iOs trends, but nobody can neglect them while developing an iOs app. If we talk about any modern smartphone, it stores everything from passwords, website, social network, and app data to banking details, chat history and search intents. You name it, and they have it! As we know about the increasing number of hackers nowadays, protecting users’ data is necessary.

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Due to these cybersecurity issues, businesses have to face severe problems. Did you know? The average cost for data breaches reached $4.24 million in 2021. Additionally, when your product has a high level of security, it helps attract customers because when they are confident about your security measures, why wouldn’t they opt for it?

Apple is well known for several features that play a role in advancing its security systems. An example is when you go for iOS app development; a built-in App Transport Security (ATS) will be introduced with iOS 9, ensuring high-security standards in newly built iOS apps while enhancing secure connections. 

Moreover, storing data is yet another major weakness that needs to be addressed by developers. Apple uses sandboxing, key chain, and data protection API to ensure users’ information is stored securely.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is made up of several parts. Some parts are the machine that connects to the internet and communicates with each other – devices bind without human help, and gadgets generate a great deal of data.

It is a great demonstration of how iOS need to be linked to the improvements in users’ daily lives. It is a tool that allows users to use all their devices by connecting them to a unified system.

It is referred to as one of the most common trends in iOS development, which almost every for-profit iOS app development company has availed. At first, the Internet of Things was implemented in a variety of apps like supply chain management, smart city infrastructure, soil monitoring in agriculture, and last but not least, the Apple watch for heart disease detection.

Augmented reality

It is considered among the most successfully implemented modern iOS trends. In recent times, upon every iOS platform, practically each and every human endeavour has witnessed AR-mania. But there were several other areas where Augmented reality made its way through, such as marketing, design, healthcare, etc.

The ARKit 5 framework promises more possibilities and experiences to the users and developers providing iOS app development services. You may now use a Spot Anchor to position AR items utilizing this innovation in conjunction with machine learning at a particular location.

App clips

How to develop an iOS app that can be used without downloading it? The answer to this question is an App clip! It is the newest innovation in iOS app development where users get to test out a tiny piece of a program before downloading the full version to have the feeling of it.

You may have heard of ‘less is more so that’s the case here! The App clip is simple and can do one thing at a time, such as bill payment, reserving a hotel room, renting a car, or several small tasks. We call it a mini-version of apps (even less than 10MBs). Therefore, it’s easier for users to download these apps via scanning a QR code, clicking on a certain link, or reaching a particular location.

Also, remember that if it’s been more than 30 days and you haven’t used an App clip, your iPhone will automatically delete it. If you use this app, you don’t have to worry about the security issues as the App Store moderators analyze them and approve them to be used by the public.

AI talk bots

Artificial chatbots have become more popular at the core of iOS app development services. Well, because of that, organizations in the future could handle all of the tasks with simple development support. Chatbots are designed to keep this in consideration.

Organizations are incorporating AI technology into their websites and apps to provide a better experience to the customers. Do you know why? Because 50% of the users like to complete their tasks independently, which can perfectly be fulfilled by integrating AI technology into apps and websites.

It is beneficial for both the customers and the company because, in this way, customers won’t have to wait for your response. Whereas for you as a business, it helps you in a way that you make revenue from it.

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The iOS app development company has declared cloud-integrated apps important to iOS devices. Why? Because of the functionality to ensure the data stored in the App Store is securely reached to the cloud. It provides its customers with a great experience while the popularity of cloud-based apps will only increase in upcoming years.

As a result of its continuous improvement, the iOS cloud service is, in other terms, a much more likely trend in app development for iOS. All of the app’s information, particularly real-time syncing, the possibility to exchange information with other consumers, and extra features like server-side caching and verification, can be stored in iCloud.

iOS mobile application development in 5 steps!

ios app development services in 5 steps

In-depth research is necessary

If you want to know how to develop iOS apps, you need solid research and analyzing skills because without them; you won’t be able to do so as we are all aware that the Apple Store hosts a multitude of apps. Such a competitive market. Right? You need to know about what sort of applications are there and if it’s possible to get your app to the position where people notice.

As you are targeting a specific audience, for a smooth and easy iOS app development, it is necessary to keep the audience in your mind and then make any decision. So, understanding the niche that could speak to it is important. They love up-to-date designs and trending features and always wish to be at the forefront of the mobile app user scene.

Lastly, check on your competitors to see what they are doing and how they are doing it. Keep an eye on their strengths and weaknesses because that way, you would be able to provide what your fellow competitors are lacking. You can develop a product much better than your competitors this way.

Understand app store guidelines

Let’s imagine you have developed an app. Now the most important thing for your app in order to be successful is to comply with Apple’s guidelines.

As per the company:

Guidelines are simple as they want their users to have a smooth and safe experience and their developers to be successful. It is achieved by providing a highly organized App Store where professionals review every app, and an editors team assists users in discovering the latest apps daily.

Apple practices strict rules, so developers must adhere to five important steps while offering the app and check for additional regulations.

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Business 
  • Design
  • legal

App Designing

This is the stage where the designing crew of your iOS development company will scale up to bring your ideas into existence. There are three key factors to focus on:

  • The first stage is concept and wireframing, where all the information is conducted, and designers will begin with creating a skeleton or structure that will demonstrate how your app appears.
  • After making sure the app seems good, they have to work on the functionality and ensure the app is easy to navigate. For that purpose, they must pay attention to the usability and user experience.
  • In order for the software architecture to be stable, designers may have to take some essential steps to ensure the stability and scalability of your iOS app.

Development of an app

How do we develop iOS apps? Prepare your MAC for the development process, and ensure that your developers know how to utilize MAC computers. However, creating an app through VMWare and Hackintosh on Windows is not recommended by Apple for coding.

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Utilize the Xcode tool, an Apple’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE), including the iOS SDK. Also, it possesses a bunch of APIs and devices, including a source code editor (UI). The developers will use this platform and the integrated Simulator app for its mobile application development. You can simulate your iOS app versions and hardware types and employ them for testing.

App testing

When you are done developing your app, now is the time for Quality Assurance (QA) testing. It is the process to determine that the app is free of bugs and errors. Its developer’s job is to review the products for:

  • Intuitive user experience
  • Optimized performance
  • Security
  • Optimal memory usage and more

In short, it is to ensure that the app is suitable according to every guideline defined by Apple. By the end of this process, your app will be good to go.

Best Ways To Develop iOS Apps FAQs:

How to find the best iOS app development company?

When an agency has iOS developers or provides iOS app development services, they will provide everything from designing and developing to testing and launching. So, you have to ask for it or convey what you want, and a reputable agency like MMCGBL would provide you with what you want.

Is iOS mobile application development still in demand?

Yes! And its demand will eventually increase in the upcoming years. According to a prediction, the developers’ demand will increase about 22% between 2019 and 2029.

What is required to develop an iOS app?

A MAC computer with the latest Xcode version is required to develop the iOS app. It is the graphical interface you will need to write iOS apps.

End line

The most important question of how to develop iOS apps has many possible answers. Let’s say you are making an app to share pictures and videos; you wouldn’t want to go for the expensive options as it seems like it’s not that important an app to spend so much on.

However, if you are creating a more professional or sophisticated app to level up your firm, the cheap-looking app would have a poor impact on people. So, it entirely depends on your preference for your app’s appearance. Don’t make haste; decide wisely and accordingly. And if you are still not sure about what to do, then start asking us, your good companion! We can help you to start your business growth by giving futuristic ideas and changing the game of your business. Let’s start it today!

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