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USA Food Delivery Apps – 8 Real-Life Apps Example of Successful Online Food Deliveries

Say hello to all foodies who love to enjoy ordering food at home with the super easy food delivery apps. The mobile app development market in the USA for the food industry is emerging like a boom. Not only for ordering restaurant food but also for groceries, restaurant reservations, finding nearby restaurants, etc.

Restaurant owners who are planning to launch their USA food delivery apps are not too late to do so. In 2020, almost 111 Million users will use food delivery apps to get their food to their doorstep.

When it comes to generating revenue, the survey report says that in 2024, the projected revenue of USA food delivery apps will be $37 Billion.

These stats prove there is potential in building food delivery apps where you can earn money with mobile apps. If you are looking to build your app for food delivery, MMC GBL will help you.

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We just listed down the most successful USA Food Delivery apps, so you don’t need to wander here and there.

Grubhub – Controlled over 50% of USA online food delivery

In 2004, Grubhub was introduced in the USA market, and now you can find its offices in Chicago, London, and New York. One of the largest food delivery apps in the USA market in which, they offer local online food deliveries and takeaways in over 4000 USA cities.

Grubhub food delivery app US

By providing a better user experience with an easy-to-use interface and rich features, foodies love to order food with the Grubhub app. You can find 300,000 featured restaurants over the app.

Moreover, Grubhub users can order food up to four days ahead of time. Easy payment gateways such as Paypal support, Android Pay, ratings, search, etc., are also available, which makes it perfect in all.

DoorDash – The most widely available online food delivery services

It is not wrong if I say DoorDash gives tough competition to Grubhub in the mobile app for food delivery. It is also an amazing food delivery app with over 7 million downloads in the mid of 2019. The wide range of Doordash apps caters to more than 200 cities in the USA and Canada.

DoorDash does not have a minimum order quantity. However, it does have a hefty service fee that increases during busy hours. Despite this, consumers enjoy using the app because of the quick delivery, real-time tracking, and high-quality service.

Doordash US delivery app

Customers may obtain a DashPass subscription for $9.99 per month and enjoy free deliveries and lower shipping costs. The scoring system is what sets this software distinct.

Users may assess restaurants based on attributes, including reputation, timely delivery, and customer feedback. Customers may use the scoring system to locate the highest-quality eateries in their neighborhood. Users may also follow their meal deliveries in real time.

UberEats – Active food  delivery app in six continents

With over 4.5 million downloads in the second quarter of 2019, UberEats is the second most popular app in the United States. It has over 500 cities covered, including Los Angeles and Chicago, and is noted for its ease of use and browsing.

UberEats, which got its start with the Uber cab app, allows customers to order meals using their Uber profile. The app is not only for major cities but also for rural places.

UberEats food delivery app US

UberEats normally imposes a 10% delivery fee with a $5 minimum order and offers discount vouchers for consumers’ favorite cafés. It accepts deliveries from both grocery stores and restaurants. It also allows consumers to filter results based on ethnicity, dietary restrictions, cuisine type, current UberEats, and trends near you.

Seamless – Part of a Grubhub brand

Seamless offers fast food delivery with a simple order process. It has been in business for approximately 20 years.  The app is geared toward large cities like New York and Los Angeles; it may not be available in smaller towns.

Not only does the app transport food to the user’s home, but it also allows them to take it out. The program also offers enticing discount coupons for renowned restaurants and cafés to remain ahead of the competition.

Seamless food delivery app

On its app, Seamless has thousands of cafés and restaurants, the majority of which do not charge a delivery fee. Customers may follow orders in real-time and look for restaurants based on cuisines or menu items. However, it only provides 25 different cuisines, which are nearly identical to those offered by Grubhub.

Postmates – Responsible for about 10% of online USA food delivery app

A food delivery app that discovers its use case is able to transport anything from over 10,000 retail outlets, restaurants, grocery stores, and other locations.

Delivered in over 3,000 cities throughout all 50 states in the United States. Because the app does not work with eateries, users are limited to order based on their location.

Postmates food delivery app US

Postmates imposes a delivery fee for each order, which increases during peak hours and is referred to as Blitz pricing. It also offers a Plus Unlimited package for $10 per month that includes free delivery from a select number of businesses and restaurants; however, the minimum order must be more than $15.

This meal-delivery app, which is similar to Postmates, is accessible in over 100 locations throughout the United States and allows users to buy groceries, food, booze, and even dry cleaning services.

The app does not charge any fees; however, the restaurant may charge a delivery fee or impose a minimum order requirement. Every order on earns consumers points that may be used for a discount or free delivery.

The software makes it easy for users to navigate by classifying everything and recommending restaurants or meals based on the user’s prior orders.

Instacart – Grocery/food delivery and pick-up services

Instacart is the food app to use if you need groceries delivered on the exact day. Everything is brought to you within an hour if you have a grocery list and the app. The delivery price is around $6 for each item, and the app also provides a year-long membership for $150.

Instacart US delivery app

Besides groceries, Instacart also serves alcohol and other home supplies, as well as offers consumers discount vouchers. Overall, Instacart is one of the most effective grocery delivery applications available.

GoPuff – Delivers everything you need

GoPuff is a snack, ice cream, drink, phone charger, and similar goods food delivery app that is available in over 80 locations throughout the United States. It’s more of a digital convenience shop with a large presence in USA cities in the Midwest and South.

goPuff food delivery app

GoPuff charges a $2 delivery fee, which appears to be a fair price. Customers may use the app to search for products by name or brand. Also, it creates a wish list of items they might like to acquire again in the future. It also allows you to preorder things and have them delivered fresh at a specific time.


So, it may not be all, but these few USA food delivery apps are the finest apps that US people are using for quick online food delivery. Additionally, many countries have their own food delivery apps, such as the US.

If you want to build your food chain business, and want to build apps like Grubhub or UberEats, then it is high time to consult about this. At MMCGBL, we pledge to build your app with full functionalities and features. Are you ready to beat your competitors’ market? We are here to help.

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