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AR Zone APP – A Comprehensive Guide For Your Understanding

What is AR Zone Application? A Comprehensive Guide

The AR Zone is a new Augmented Reality app that is easily available on Google Play Store. The AR Zone application will allow users to take videos and pictures with AR functionalities. With the AR Zone application, you can create augmented reality for your storytelling experiences.

Let's find out what makes this App Stand Out

World’s first augmented reality video network

AR Zone app enables people to place virtual characters in real or realistic backgrounds. It also enables users to shoot their own AR or AR/VR video clips in minutes. Fans could share and watch other users’ clips on the platform and re-post them on personal social media pages quickly.

It combines live streaming technology, AR storytelling, AR character development, and an interactive AR character AR game system. AR Zone application is a combination of AR, AR/VR, and live streaming, forming an AR social media platform for entrepreneurs.

AR characters development engine

This App has the world’s first AR character development engine, which allows users to create their virtual characters in AR mode and convert them to AR stickers. It also supports online sharing so that users can share their unique AR experiences on multiple social media platforms at once.

Multiple creative input methods

Users can shoot videos or take pictures with self-built 3D models using the 3D camera function OR import 3D characters from our library directly. The App supports complete visual editing tools such as AR masks, scene edit, color correction tools, etc.

AR mode

It has all the previous features plus an augmented reality function that enables users to shoot their augmented reality videos in camera mode.

Did you know? Technavio projects that the market for AR/VR smart glasses would grow at a CAGR of 13.37% and reach $6.21 billion by 2026.

What are the benefits of this app?

An enhanced storytelling experience for brands, entertainers, or influencers who try to attract more views and fans on social media platforms. The unique selling point is that anyone can create quality augmented reality content with minimum technical skills.

  • With this app, you have a higher chance that people will share your video. Because it’s unique and different from other apps, your audience could enjoy watching these videos when they use the same character stickers in their stories.
  • If you’re interested in AR games and AR apps, the AR Zone application is a must-try. Because it has all the AR functionalities that you could imagine. Verified Market Research projects that the AR gaming sector will generate $31.7 billion in sales by 2028, expanding at a CAGR of 21.98%.
  • This AR app aims to become a one-stop interactive platform for post-production and sharing of AR stories.

What are some potential business opportunities?

AR technology can bring brands close to their audience as users will be able to see AR products/characters in everyday life. Users will find it easier to interact with AR platforms than those traditional ones, which could boost brand awareness and product recognition. Especially because the AR Zone Application allows consumers to share and repost videos and pictures on various social media sites simultaneously. Businesses should focus on developing Augmented Reality products or services through this AR app.

What Are Some AR Challenges That an AR Zone App Might Face?

These advertisements are shown automatically and are typically utilized as a reward video in return for in-app benefits. For example, app users can obtain app money by viewing an advertisement video. Users can unlock levels in the game or purchase more features with it. This is the most often used advertising-income strategy among users.



Users will have to download the AR Zone application if they want to enjoy AR functionalities on their smartphones. Thus, there’s a need for the AR Zone app developers to design an attractive interface. It also integrates video/picture shooting functions with it for users do not abandon the App soon after installation.

 There is intense competition among AR apps as most of them offer similar features.

  • AR technology requires a stable internet connection and high-capacity storage space. Making sure these criteria are fulfilled would contribute to the effectiveness of the augmented reality function.
  • It’s unknown whether the AR Zone app developers will charge for AR-related functions or provide them free of charge. The main goal is to keep users engaged and satisfied. So it’s critical to find the AR Zone app’s optimal pricing model as some users may not want to buy AR functionalities;
  • AR technology demands high hardware specifications, which means that only those who possess new models of smartphones with advanced camera sensors can fully enjoy this AR technology. Users, therefore, may face some challenges when trying to capture good AR videos and pictures, and more development is needed.


For vloggers or YouTubers who are looking for more ways to express their stories through vivid videos on social media platforms. This AR app could help them attract more followers and generate better AR content.


For brands, entertainers, influencers who are looking for a new way to have fun with their audiences or partners on social media sites. This app could bring them closer together by creating interesting video interactions through this augmented reality technology.


For businesses that are looking for new opportunities in the Augmented Reality model business. AR Zone Application is attempting to become the most potential platform for 3D character creation/sharing. So companies can release 3D models of characters through this app.


For small organizations/companies that are working with animation production houses to develop animated characters using AR technology. AR Zone app is one of the AR platforms that provide AR experience through AR characters created by animators.


For investors who are looking for new opportunities in the AR business. AR Zone apps have an ambitious goal to become a platform for users to create AR stories/videos using AR functionalities which could attract many users, brands, companies, or models interested in augmented reality technology.

Video stabilization may be difficult as the subject needs to stand still while being filmed with an angle pointing straight down. This might not always be possible, especially when the user is trying to film themself; otherwise if the camera was pointed toward someone standing across from them. Then it would look like the AR character is standing behind or beside the user.

Content Sharing

For users who are looking for a new way to share videos and pictures on various social media sites simultaneously. Businesses should focus on developing Augmented Reality products or services through this AR app.

Top Features Of AR Zone Application

  • Camera AR Emoji
  • Stickers AR Emoji
  • Studio AR Emoji
  • Doodle AR
  • Deco Pic
  • Quick Measure
  • Picture Link





AR Zone App - What can it do?

  1. Collaborative Video Object Streaming – Ability to create collaborative videos with OZO’s VR streaming technology, which enables simultaneous real-time video sharing among multiple VR headsets such as VR cameras, smartphones, and PCs
  2. 3D Character Creation & Sharing – Ability to create augmented reality characters using just a smartphone, without prior experience in 3D modeling
  3. Live Streaming – Ability to live stream videos on Facebook/YouTube, etc.
  4. Collaborative Playback – Ability to simultaneously playback videos on multiple devices via Wi-Fi or LTE
  5. Real-time Stereo Rendering – The app supports the playback of stereoscopic images, which only requires one device with two lenses for real-time rendering of augmented reality content
  6. 3D Video Editing & Sharing – Ability to edit and share Augmented Reality content using 2D content editing tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  7. Business Advertising Solution – The app offers new opportunities for business marketing through AR technology.

Who Can Use It?

  • Business owners: This Augmented Reality app is a new business opportunity for you to launch your products and services through augmented reality. Providing live demonstrations using augmented reality interactive video ads or videos that could convert viewers into buyers by showing what the product/service looks like in addition to the actual physical product/service would be effective for those looking for sales via AR.
  • Event planners: This Augmented Reality app offers great opportunities to engage audiences with live events such as music and art festivals. It’s even better if they are simultaneously experiencing these events on the same platform, which they can do thanks to these AR apps.
  • Advertisers: The application of this Augmented Reality app does not restrict itself to just marketing. It can also be used for more creative purposes, such as developing interactive AR billboards that would attract potential customers’ attention more effectively than just a static billboard or creating augmented reality characters of the brand mascot appearing on the packaging of their products that generate excitement among customers about trying out new products/services they have never heard of before.

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AR Zone App- How does it work?

This Augmented Reality app allows users with smartphones equipped with two lenses (either vertical or horizontal alignment) running the Android 10 operating system or higher to create 3D models on their smartphones using 2D pictures owners are taking. They can select AR:

3D Modeled characters: Characters with static poses or characters that can animate and respond to the user’s voice and movement

  • Virtual objects: You can view objects such as toys, cars, food items, and other objects from every angle. All of the augmented reality content created using this app is saved on users’ smartphone apps which are easily shareable with friends and family through email or social media.

What Business Opportunities does this App Present?

1) The ability to create 3D models using 2D images

This Augmented Reality app allows users to use their smartphones as desktop computers to create 3D objects, which they can then save and share with family and friends or even present to customers by demonstrating AR.

2) Augmented Reality interactive ads

This Augmented Reality app can add an interesting element to print advertising, such as when it’s about promoting a new product through either printed leaflets or billboards. On the other hand, companies can use this Augmented Reality app to direct customers toward a certain location using an augmented reality platform where they can meet and purchase the product/service they’re interested in.

3) Augmented Reality 3D Mascots

How your mascot character appears on the packaging of your products is just as important as how it appears at trade shows. It has been proven to affect sales, including impulse and repeat purchases.

4) Augmented Reality in marketing

Advertisers continuously seek ways to engage their audiences, so why not try this Augmented Reality app? It is fun and allows users to pinpoint the exact location of 3D objects when sharing them on social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat.

5) Virtual product design

Any entrepreneurs working with designing tools will benefit from this Augmented Reality app. Using an augmented reality platform, customers can view what products they’re interested in would look like in their homes before purchasing them. This is especially helpful if customers have trouble choosing which type of AR.

6) Augmented reality gaming

This will surely be a hit as augmented Reality gaming app development such as the one OZO offers are proven to engage users. For example, Pokémon Go players can now see what virtual characters would look like in their homes. Introducing this gaming experience for those playing makes them more likely to purchase physical products.

7) Retail promotions

Customers will not normally mind getting free stuff if they know what they’re going for and what it’s going to do for them – especially if it’s related to a product or service they frequently use or love. Now, imagine giving away products with augmented reality logos on them.

8) Augmented Reality in manufacturing

Using this Augmented Reality app, manufacturers can now provide their customers with a better product design experience by creating interactive 3D models of the products they have. This way, the customers are more likely to know exactly what companies can make instead of just 2D images.

9) Education & training

If you’re running an online training academy or an educational institution, then this Augmented Reality app is perfect for you! Teaching students how they can build things through augmented reality platforms will make learning much easier and more efficient!


Every business that wants to stay relevant must keep up with the times, which means incorporating smart technologies into its marketing strategies. Apart from just being innovative and forward-thinking ideas, these technologies can also help your company improve productivity and customer satisfaction. Nowadays, even those businesses who want to simplify things, such as eCommerce, should consider using these new technologies too.

If you want to consult about AR technology, MMCGBL is always here to help.

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